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The Gaming Zone # 55 - Sabotage

  • Broadcast in Entertainment



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Tonight, on the Gaming Zone, we take Jeopardy and put it on steroids, it's called sabotage.  Here is how the game works.  The game is divided into 4 rounds.  The first 3 rounds you will answer questions to earn money, but some of the questions can lead to Daily Double, Multiplier Chains or Sabotages.  In Round 1, the questions are worth 250-2000.  There is also 1, Daily Double, 1 Multiplier Chain, and 1 Sabotage.  Each player in turn will choose a category from 3 given.  Then the player will choose one of 30 dollar envelopes to determine the value of the question.  After the question, the 10 second clock will start, the player must answer within the 10 second limit (like in Jeopardy, in a form of a question).  If right, they win the value of the question, if wrong, they lose it.  Daily Doubles work just like the game show, bet any or all of their winnings (if less than the highest dollar amount on board, then they can bet up to the top value).  Now, the Multiplier Chain is special, because getting this question right, will INCREASE your payout in the FINAL QUESTION.  For each Chain you earn, you increase the multiplier of your correct answer by 1x.  Sabotage is where you can bet and take points or worse, multiplier chains from an opponent.  The player will choose a dollar amount (or challenge for a multiplier chain, if the victim has one) and who they are sabotaging.  if right, they steal the points, if it is a multiplier chain, then the multiplier is added to the winner's multiplier (if they have one).  but if wrong, the other player takes the points from the answerer.  But if a multiplier chain is attempted and failed, not only does the victim earn a +1 on the multiplier chain, plus earns the top value of a question to their score.  The next 2 rounds, points redouble.  Final question is hidden bet.