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The Gaming Zone # 51 - The Power of 10

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Now that the decathlon is over, we can get back to the regular games, and we start with The Power of 10.  here is how the game works.....the game is divded into 5 rounds.  In round 1, you will have a 40% spread, next round is 30, following round is 20, 4th round is 10, and last round is the multiplier round.  Each player will in private (by screening the other callers) will give their exact bids then the spread will be applied to their exact bid (so for round 1, their spread is their percentage +/- 20%).  After everyone has placed their bids, we will reveal the exact percentage.  If the exact percentage is in the range of the player's spread, they will earn points.  the closer the exact number is closer to the player's exact answer, the more points they earn.  Play continues like that for all the questions and rounds.  For the final question, the player will make a exact percentage plus a bid on their wager.  If they get it exact, they earn 10x their wager, within 5%, they earn 5x their wager.  Within 10, is 3X; and within 15 is 2x.  Within 20 will still earn them something, but they will only get half their wager back.  And over 20%, they lose their wager.  So, the player with the most ponts at the end of the 90 minutes, wins the game.