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2011 Game Show Decathlon - Event 10 of 10 - Bullseye

  • Broadcast in Entertainment



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The final qualifying game of the tournament is Bullseye.  Each player in turn will choose a wheel slide for each of the 3 wheels (From 1 to 18).  The first 2 wheels will contain the category and the dollar amount (from $ 50 to $ 500).  The thrid wheel is the contract wheel, which tells how many questions must be answered before the money in the pot can be banked (from 1 to 5 or a bullseye).  The player will then choose oen of the category, and must play out the category, until that number of questions is answered.  If a player gets it wrong, the opponent can answer to take control, but still that number of questions must be answered.  A bullseye means a player can stop at anytime, and there is no limit to the number of questions they can answer.  After the contact is reached, the player must decide to risk the pot to add more or take the pot into their bank, and control passes to the opponent.  All winnings banked to the player goes to their winnings, and the first player to bank $ 5000 wins.   Bonus - Again each wheel will contain money from $ 200, $ 300, $ 500 ora bullseye, and then one of the bullseyes will be replaced by a lightning bolt.  Player will choose 3 numbers (from 1 to 18, and can choose the same number for each wheel).  Each bullseye you find, will earn you $ 2500 no matter if you win or lose.  All money will be added to the pot, but if you reveal a lightning bolt, you lose the bonus pot.  Each bullseye also locks the window.  Get all 3 windows as bullseye you will win DOUBLE the pot, plus $ 1000 for each spin you have left.  But if you can play all 11 spins without 3 bullseyes or a lightning bolt......$ 20,000.