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2011 Game Show Decathlon - Event 1 of 10 - Family Feud

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Welcome to the 2011 Game Show Decathlon, the 4th year of the tournament, and we are starting the tournament with Family Feud.  Family Feud. But we are playing it a little different than on the game show...here is how the radio program works. Two players will face head ot head. I will give you the questions and how many answers make the survey. The players will then bid on how many of the answers on the survey, the player who bids on the most answers, will be the player in control. The player will then have 8 seconds to give me an answer on the survey. Each answer they give that is not on the survey is a STRIKE, and 3 strikes gives control over to the other player, who will be given 1 chance to steal the points in the pot. Now, in future rounds, the player trailing in points will start the bidding.  Rounds 1 and 2, point values are SINGLE, round 3 are DOUBLED, and round 4 are TRIPLED. The player with the most points after 4 rounds, is the winner and goes into Fast Money. Fast Money: The winner will play fast money, by giving 2 answers for each of the 5 questions in a 60 second time limit. Then we will score ALL 10 answers, for each point, the winner will earn $ 25. If the total for the 10 answers reaches 200 points, $ 10,000 is won. However, if the total for the 10 answers is 250 or more, then $ 20,000 is awarded.