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The Gaming Zone # 26 - Bidding War Deluxe

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My game I played last year in the Game Show Summer OLympics is back with a new twist. Each player who plays will start the game with $ 1,000. 9 categories will be given, but the players will not know the topic of the category until they pick a card. When a card is picked, the category is revealed, then the players will place a bet on a question they would like to answer. Easy questions will pay 1X wager. Medium questions are 2x wagers, and the hard questions are 3x wager. Minimum bet is $ 25, bet increments is $ 25, up to the max of everything they have. The highest wager for each question will answer the question. If they answer correctly, they win their wager times the multiplier, but IF THEY ARE WRONG, not only is the money lost from their account but SPLIT AMONGST ALL OTHER PLAYERS WHO PICKED THE SAME QUESTION (so if you miss a medium question, your wager is split amongst all other players who also picked Medium question). Now everyone will get a chance to bid last. After 1 or 2 turns for each player (depending on how many players will play), we will start round 2. 9 new categories, but the odds for the questions have increased dramatically. Easy is still 1x wager, but now medium is 3x wager and hard is 6x wager. After another 1 or 2 rounds, we will go into the final question, where the easy question pays 2x, medium pays 5x and hard pays 10x. You can for the final question bet $ 0. But for the final question, if you are wrong, your opponents will not earn your wager. The player with the highest amount of money, wins a Gaming Zone championship. There is no Game Show Tonite on Monday (Since I will be at Monday Night Raw), so join me Thursday for my first gaming zone game after my surgery.