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Game Show Decathlon Event 10 - Keep or Change

  • Broadcast in Entertainment



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The final qualifying event for the decathlon is KEEP OR CHANGE. Here is how it works. The board has 50 tiles, some will earn you points, some will lose you points, and some hold the dreaded WHAM...oops, can't use it, it's copyrighted. So we will call THOSE spaces GOOSE EGGS, finding those will set your score to 0. Now after your pick, you can keep the points associated with your pick, or change it. But if you change it, you MUST keep the new tile. However, you can only change twice. There are 7 total rounds, for the first 3 rounds, each of the three players will go first. In rounds 4 to 6, the order will be from lowest score to highest score. For the 7th round, all remaining tiles will DOUBLE in value, and again, from lowest to highest. The player with the most points after 7 rounds wins and plays the bonus round.

BONUS ROUND - POT OF GOLD. The board now has 20 tiles, some have money, 3 have the words POT OF GOLD, and 1 of the 20 holds the BOMB. The winner will choose tiles one at a time, until one of 3 things happen. 1) They find THE BOMB (thus winning no bonus money). 2) Match 2 of the dollar amount tiles (and wins that money). 3) Finds the 3 tiles to complete POT OF GOLD (and win $ 20,000)