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Game Show Decathlon Event 8 - Lingo

  • Broadcast in Entertainment



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It's time to combine Bingo and Mastermind. It's LINGO, the classic GSN game, where the right ball will earn you up to $ 20,000. Here is how we play the game. The game is divided into 2 rounds. In Round 1, we give you a 5 letter word, and I will give you the first letter, then you must guess and SPELL the 5 letter word you think it is. You will have 8 seconds to give me the word. After you spell the word I will tell you which letters are in the right place, and what letters are in the word, but not in the position in the word you gave me. You will have 5 chances to guess the word. If you fail to guess the word, give an invalid word, or take too long, you will lose control to your opponent, and your opponent will be given a letter in the word. If we have reached the 5th guess, turns will then ALTERNATE (1 chance per play). If someone does get the word, they will earn 25 points and a chance to play LINGO. Now, there are 19 balls, some have one letter of the word LINGO, some have 2 letters of the word LINGO, and 3 are STOPPERS. You will choose 2 balls. If you complete LINGO, you will earn 100 POINTS. In Round 2, all the points values are DOUBLED, plus we add 4 Mystery Balls, these balls will let you fill in 1 or 2 letters (depending on the number of questions marks on the ball). The player with the most points, wins the game and plays the bonus round.

BONUS ROUND: You will have 2 minutes to solve 10 words, each word will give you 1 draw of the bonus lingo balls. You will also get FREE LETTERS, equal to the number of LINGOs you have + 1 for winning the game. Now, when you draw, some of the balls will have 1 letter in LINGO, some 2, some 3 and one of the 20 has the word LINGO on it. If you draw the LINGO ball on your first ball, you win $ 20,000. If you can spell lingo before running out of draws, you win $ 10,000. Otherwise , you win $ 500 for each word you get.