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The Gaming Zone Show # 7 - Last Person Standing

  • Broadcast in Entertainment



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Rachel is gonna defend her crown on LAST PERSON STANDING...here is how the game works... One player (the champ) starts the question, I will give the category, then the person in control has two options (if available), they can pass the question onto another player, then if that player is wrong, the passer retains control, and the person answering the question will lose a life (5 to begin with). If the answerer gets it right, the passer loses a life and the answerer is now in control. But the passer has 3 lifelines they can use, but each can now only be used ONCE. REFLECT, reflect the question to any other player, besides the passer. MIRROR can reflect the question back to the one who passed it to you. But now, a 3rd lifeline can be used, it is called DOUBLE JEOPARDY. The player in control can decide to answer the question himself and TRAP an opponent. If the player in control gets it right, the player TRAPPED loses TWO LIVES, then again, if the question is answered wrong, the trapped player is in control and the player who answered LOSES TWO LIVES. Last person standing with lives wins $ 2,000 for each life they won, and a chance to win up to CY$ 40,000 more in the bonus round. BONUS ROUND - played just like Dog Eat Dog final round, a category is given, and then the winner must choose one of opponents to answer the question, each player can only be chosen once. If the opponent gets it right, the team earns 1 point, if wrong, the winner earns 1 point. First to 3, wins. But if there are less than 5 players on the other team, then all players must answer a question, before anyone else can answer a 2nd. Now, the jackpot starts at CY$ 40,000, but for every point the losing team scores, the winnings are cut in half. So join me Thursday night as we play Last person Standing in the Gaming Zone...enter if you dare.