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Easter Sunday

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Happy Holistic, Holographic Easter!

Swedenborg saw separate levels of reality connected by relationships called "correspondences." All of existence begins with the pure divine, and flows downward - into the heavens, into humans on earth and the animals and plants of the earth. This pure divine keeps flowing down. If we take the very smallest possible thing that exists, even it corresponds to the divine. Everything corresponds to higher levels. That is how both matter and spirit are both real; through correspondence they are all the same.

This is one part of Swedenborg's concept of Easter: the union of humanity and divinity.

 Another part of Swedenborg's Easter can best be understood through the new physics concept of a hologram.
Physicist Michael Talbot wrote:

If Emanuel Swedenborg were alive today, it is likely that he would find many aspects of the new physics compatible with his own thought. ... perhaps the most astonishing foreshadowing of new-physics ideas in Swedenborg's writings are the similarities between his world view and a revolutionary new way of looking at nature known as the 'holographic paradigm.

George Dole says:

I see the holographic model as implicit in his [Swedenborg's] Christology. In his view, it is intrinsic to the divine nature to be wholly present in every part of creation, and especially clearly in human beings.

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