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Welcome to S.W.A.K. Radio, our forum for all topics pertaining to dating and relationships! Whether you're in a deep-routed, committed relationship and need more sizzle, or are at a loss for where to go to find easy-going, fun singles in your area, S.W.A.K. Radio has got the scoop! If you're just starting to get back out there, and looking for dating advice, tune in, for hot hints on where to start your love search. Get advice from the experts on how to keep the fire burning, in an existing relationship, or even where to find a new one! Let our host Jei, the “Love Guru,” reel you in and lead you in the right direction. No topics are off limits, including keeping up your communication and intimacy to flirting and dating tips. Grab a glass of wine and join us for an amusing and insightful evening! www.swakradio.com

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Is your household Red or Blue? Sometimes, it's not such a simple, one-syllable answer. Imagine knowing that your mate voted Republican, when your ticket was straight Democrat! MANY households are struggling to keep their marriages... more

Men and women are equal now, right? Well S.W.A.K. Radio certainly wouldn't neglect to give men the same advantage about dating, that we dish out to the ladies! The second episode in our 2-parter, goes into the mysterious findings of... more

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, right? Well with Earth filled with aliens, how are we supposed to find a man and keep him happy? The first episode of this 2-parter is all about catching a man! What turns him on and off?... more

Here's an episode not to miss! We're celebrating our first year on the air, with all of our lovely listeners! We'll have some great prizes, a not-to-miss contest, and a collaboration of our most popular topics and snipits from all of our previous... more

Cheaters. Who, what, when, where, and why? If one partner is content in the relationship, how can another be so far off course? In our juicy and heated episode all about cheaters, we want to find out and share all of the details: What... more

With as much as our society is progressing, it's peculiar that the shock interracial dating isn't a thing of the past. Tune into Part II of our highly anticipated episode, diving deep into the subject of dating and marriage to a partner of a... more

Have you been listening to SWAK, waiting for us to dive into the question you're really looking for the answers to? Well, here's your chance to let us know the piercing inquiry that's on your mind! This show will be focused around our... more

Perhaps you feel frustrated that you can't fall in love, find love, or maybe even wonder if enduring love does exist. Maybe you are undecided about your current partner or the spark has gone and you are looking to reignite it. Perhaps you fall... more

Every relationship has its ups and downs. But when are the downs too low? Everyone knows that marriage and relationships take work, but when is it too much? We've had numerous emails and blog posts about how to know when to... more

Have you ever wondered why we women can't sever the emotions, when it comes to dating? Why can't we just go out with a man, without inquiring, ?Where is this going?? Why can't we just have fun, with no strings attached? Why... more