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Welcome to S.W.A.K. Radio, our forum for all topics pertaining to dating and relationships! Whether you're in a deep-routed, committed relationship and need more sizzle, or are at a loss for where to go to find easy-going, fun singles in your area, we've got the scoop! If you're just starting to get back out there, and looking for dating advice, tune into Kamie and Tophe, as they offer hot hints on where to start your love search. They'll be sure to keep you posted on how to keep the fire burning, in an existing relationship, or even where to find a new one! And our host Jei, the “Love Guru,” is sure to reel you in and lead you in the right direction. No topics are off limits, including keeping up your communication and intimacy to flirting and dating tips. Grab a glass of wine and join us for an amusing and insightful evening!

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We've all heard those common dating myths, like ?Men are intimidated by intelligent, confident women,? ?Love conquers all,? or that mysterious ?Third date rule.? Well, this is your chance to find out which dating myths are fact and... more

Everyone's heard the phrase, ?It's not you. It's me.? Well... Maybe, this time, it's you! Join us at SWAK, for our next topic: Why You're Not Married. We're going deep into the subject, to pull out your commitment issues and insecurities. If... more

Is your boyfriend married? This might sound like a silly question, but in this day and age, it's actually not that uncommon. What happens when you meet the love of your life, only to find out that he is already married? Perhaps his... more

Aphrodisiac: A substance that increases sexual desire. The name comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexuality and love. Throughout history, many foods, drinks, and behaviors have had a reputation for making sex... more

We've all seen the movie The First Wives Club, about a group of hilarious women who struggle to get over their ex-husbands. Well sometimes, being a divorcee isn't so comical… SWAK Radio welcomes you to join us for our latest... more

SWAK is back with our heaviest topic to date: Abuse. Many of our listeners out there have written us, asking questions pertaining to verbal, psychological, and even physical abuse, and how to handle it. We want to dedicate our next show,... more

It's time for Men Vs. Women, Part III! Our last two M.V.W episodes were so fun and popular, we just had to bring it back to you, again! Join SWAK, as we host a panel of men, alongside our usual hosts, for an entertaining and enlightening... more

Jasmine Henderson has the perfect life. She's beautiful, wealthy, married to the man of her dreams, a mother, and successful... So successful, in fact, that she has been sent away from her life, in Dallas, to start up her firm's new business... more

Is your relationship stuck in a rut? Or perhaps, you have a mental image of the perfect mate for you, but don't know how to attain this love. We all grew up with an idea of what our adult lives were going to be like... our spouses, our... more

Gay, Straight, or Bi? Relationships. With the ever trending topic of Marriage Equality, running rampant in politics, SWAK is right here, ready to join in commentary! We're excited about our upcoming episode, all about being ?Gay,... more