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Global Eco Talk Show was created by SWACIN Inc., and originally started to convey difficult to understand problems in Nigeria such as corruption, poverty and worst petroleum pollution in Africa where regions contributes major cause of global warming and climate change to the International community by interviewing, performing skits, and round-table-discussions. Today, we have broadened the theme so that humanistic doers, thinkers and activitsts around the world can join solving diverse problems existing in Africa. Feel free to try Anytime Trial Volunteer with our show and join us! Please find the schedule of the show here. Just by clicking here at the time listed below you can listen to the LIVE show! Check here also for the show schedule. http://survivalgadget.wix.com/global-eco-talk-show#!home-eng/cozi Check out every Sunday(Monday for Japan) for LIVE shows! 12PM(PST) 11PM (Kenya), 9PM (Nigeria), 5AM Monday (Japan), 1:30AM Monday (India)

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Mr. Shigeo Yamagata's first experience of Africa was in a village in western Kenya where he was a JOCV volunteer as a teacher of mathematics and science in a secondary school at the age of the late twenties. During his stay there for two years and a half, he was convinced that the African and the Japanese have the common sense of value, and got interested in the history in which the African people has lived. After Kenya, he was working in JICA, engaged mainly in the African affairs. Nigeria was initially one of the countries which he had wanted to keep away from being assigned, but he changed his wish around the year 2000 when it looked more active than before, and was assigned there at the end of 2003. He became a devotee of Nigeria after finding many sincere Nigerians and the powerful life-style of the people. Since Nigeria has still a lot of conflicts within the society and the people are living difficult lives, he wants to assist their own efforts for better lives. He has other experiences in Cote d'Ivoire, Niger, Gabon and Burundi. Hideko Nagashima...Host of the Show Misa Kojima...Co-host of the Show Global Eco Talk Show is brought by SWACIN Inc. Our radio shows are designed to convey difficult-to-understand problems in Nigeria such as witch-craft, corruption, lack of safety and the worst petroleum pollution in Africa to the International community in an aesthetic form so that people around the world can join solving the problems. Stay tuned!
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Today's show is a round-table discussion among board of directors. Mrs. Liysa Swart from U.S. Oregon State is Domestic Violence Education and Advocacy" at Voices Set Free. Case manager at Americans Overseas Domestic Violence... more

Mrs. Misa Kojima is not an ordinary Japanese woman. She has built a business in Nigeria years ago when no Japanese corporations operated in Nigeria as the Japanese government has warned Japanese citizens not to enter the country for... more

Mr. Yuuichi Katsuura joined Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. in 1971. I engaged in business of sales of household water purifier. CLEANSUI Director, and became Managing Director of MRC Home Products Co., Ltd. Then he retired and took... more

Sam Ikpe Itauma is the President and Founder, the Child's Right and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN), and the CEO of Itauma Foundation (IFOUND). CRARN is a charity group with headquarters in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria and a... more

Rev. Samson Mogusu Abuga. He is the Director/President of the GCWCO (GENERAL CHURCH WOMEN and CHILDREN ORGANIZATION. He sent SWACIN Inc. a letter back in 2013, September 20th seeking for support to the... more

Michael George is a borehole engineer who digs a narrow shaft bored in the ground, either vertically or horizontally. He will discuss how a borehole may be constructed, how water is extracted, how oil pollution can affect the borehole,... more

Dr. Udeme U. Udofia, a Lecturer in the Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology, University of Calabar. His association with SWACIN Inc. began in November, 2013 when he joined the project and now he is a key... more

Dr. Udeme U. Udofia, a Lecturer in the Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology, University of Calabar. His association with SWACIN Inc. began in November, 2013 when he joined the project and now he is a key project... more

Mr. Ntriko Bassey has been associated with SWACIN Inc. back in 2010 when the organization was called Residents Waste Cleaning Control Limited in Akwa Ibom state. At that time SWACIN Inc. was private clean up company that... more