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Want to know how to make positive impact on climate change and poverty in the world? First thing's first. Let's start from the dirtiest mess and employ the poor people to clean up the mess! Good idea? Let me tell you, we are international NGO located in Japan and U.S. Just last month Japanese government agreed that they would send cleaning tools to Niger-Delta, Nigeria. So now what? We are soliciting trainers and donors in U.S. and elsewhere. Yes, we have already an office address in NY. We just got a consent letter from the NY Ministry of Education, we are set to go, and look for ones to rap with us. We are pioneering to cultivate the ground for cleaning up our huge community called the earth. Are there any residents on earth care to join our communal activities? Globa Eco Talk Show runs every Sunday (15 min) Time: 1PM(PST) 9PM (U,K,) 10PM(Nigeria) 6PM(Japan Monday)

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Chizor Chiazor speaks about "Urban poor kids in her Community and Libraries". She is a teacher and has seen what education can do to a generation that have no opportunity to have it. Education is a weapon that all must have regardless of their gender or financial status. She strongly believes that it must not be denied. She also feels for teachers like her who wants to do her best yet regareded as nonentities and she is hardly ever paid. She publishs a teacher's magazine called the teacher's nest which is distributed free to teachers with God's help she donated books and school supplies to children in my community who doesn't have access to books and attend poor schools. You can visit her face book searching chizo chiazor. Global Eco Theatre is designed to convey difficult-to-understand problems in Nigeriasuch as witch-craft, corruption, lack of safety and the worst petroleum pollution in Africa to the International community in an aesthetic form so that people around the world can join solvinghe problems. The regions contributes major cause of global warming and climate change. Our website: Stay tuned!
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The skit "How to Rebrand Village Pow Pow" has its origin in the way Nigerian diasporas were overseas and how Dora Akunyili has called for Rebranding Nigerian Project and pointed out that innocent Nigerians have been arrested... more

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Today is August, 24th Sunday 2014, and thank you for turning in Global Eco Theater show. Today's skit is called ?Why is it so bad about Climate Change?? It is a story of how in the world climate change is so bad, and what is it really... more

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Skit, "Why is it Touch to Clean up the Niger Delta?" illustrates how the Niger Delta in Nigeria has the worst type of environmental petroleum pollution. They say, the pollution is so bad that it creates the biggest green-house effects in African... more