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Tune into another Episode of S.T.G : Nerds with Bite - The X-Men Apocalypse review...YES IT JUST CAME OUT THE DAY BEFORE BUT WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS BITCH!!!! Also are Geeks really here to stay or like a Western will it just fade away? ( Some haters say YES!!! ) On a comic note, Why in the hell does Marvel and DC keep Rebooting,Rebirthing,Revamping,Reinventing shit? Talent doesn't begin just by starting over HUNTY!!! Then we have some tabletop madness with "PANDEMIC" and of course the release of OVERWATCH which again gamers are GETTING LIFE FOR!!! so tune for the 90 minute.Episode 2 :)
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As you see from the tite this months episode covers high rise, the marvel movies and the best and worst science. So tune in to your host vicki love as we tak about it all.

Tropes the cliches or plot machunations that each genre has and thrives on or goes stale with. Some of them you can even telll who made or wrote them based on the tropes they use so listen to me karl and doc and hopefully, as we... more

WE'RE BACK!!!! 2 Old Hosts / 2 New Hosts. It's been over a year since we last broadcast but we are happy to announce we are back on the air and LIVE May 14, 1pm EST!!! Since Saturday Morning Cartoons are a thing of the past... more

On mudders day weekends we at steve's video store realized we all have mudders so we decided in our wisdom to talk about mudders so from horror to drama to other thing this is our tibute to the best and woist muddahs in movie... more

On this week of cinco de mayo this is our special to celebrate a messican holliday with a short show on cool messican stuff. so join doc el nino sludge karl el jefe de schwing and estaban de bobo ronquillo!

It was this day on 1973 when poor neil howie of the west highland costalbery vanished on a routine search of the summerisle islands for a kidnapped girl but what happened is the story and listen and watch this with us as we watch... more

From horrible writing to being a boys only club i am dearly ashamed of my fellow geeks so this is my bitchfest about the worst of you. so join the crew and brian harris owner of wildside kronos productions as we lay some truth on yo azz

From 81 to 88 there was a show those of us who were bored with mainstream culture gravitated to friday nights and saturday nights on usa for a little show called night flight. From movies to music and some of the best short films ever... more

Join us at steve's video store as we go up into the great white north as we chat with the main man behind canuxploitation.com. And we promise not yo use the horror horn... much.. http://www.canuxploitation.com/

boing insane run overs and some of the worst booking ever. This mania was just batshit crazy. so enjoy me and chris the viper levitan where we say yes there is too much of a good thing!