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How did we ever get so sensitive that everything and anything will ofend us. I guess growing up in a time wher you needed a thick skin to live is gone. But safe spaces and crucifying those we think are demons when they arent is a sad state... more

There has been a lot of talk about how certian movies bombed because of the lack of females. and how wonder woman is the first strong woman ever well we will talk about that and other things so join me the dark diva herself and my... more

Join me the evil doctor sludge as i drag out one of my secret files as we talk about experiment 001 the killer shrews. These vile creatures can eat a man in under 5 mins so join us as we look at the whole video fileswe know exist!

Ok I know its a little bit of time skipping but we work with what we have. so me and karl docs out sick get well soonwanted to do a richard stanley movie. so we are doing the prequal to hardware dust devil. andwith the top 5 and a tribute to... more

As cgeese as my witness i wll stab the crap out f my producer as we do this mess for the THIRD TIMMME. calm down karl FUDGE YOU MELLONFARMER (((throws chair))) ack my nachos!!! so listen in as we talk 75 and adam west!

ok capn karl what do we see on the ships bow.. Arr first mate steve its the dawn of the summer blockbuster and the first movie to get a clean sweep of the oscar! all this and more as we continue down the road that is my 70s!

join us as we go to the room with the deaded curtain in steve's video store as we talk to 70's star richard pacheco. and one of the best actors of the 70's to boot. so join us as we spend 2 hours with him and talk about everything and... more

Join us as we take on 1990 afor the start f my 90s retrospective. from good fellas to poitrats of serial killers 1990 was a hell of a start to the decade!

before we get into 1975 i asked my producer, hey man lets watch coonskin. he said ok man you got it. so join me karland my producer and return guest nate bradford as we talk about the most conterversioal if ralph bakshis movies1975s... more

We did it, we sold our soul to rock amd roll and this live watch is proof of it. so join us as we do a live watch of the 70s cult classic Phantom Of The Paradise. so tune in and learn about the tragedy of swan and the opening of the... more