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from yojimbo to sanjuro to zatoichi and lone wolf and cub we at doc sludges have always loved them so join us as we tak about the genre so join me karl and steve as we welcome my speial guest mike hauss!
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To us 70's kids roger moore was our bond through them throwing crap agnst the wall to see what sticks to one of the best bare bones bonds ever. so join us as we remeber roger moore and his work

Drive in, blaxploitation and all other of the sleaze genres are on ths show the 2nd part of my journey through my fave generation. join me and my slave steven as we go through the rest of 1974.

From sov series to video comic books to the mcdonalds of video store tune in nd listen as we talk about the 90s era video stores. with my guests Will Allman and danae as we talk about thet box office and stupid nerd menuvers in the dark!

Ok 2017 you have made me do what was supposed to be a one shot show done when someone we loved passed on but it seems that plan went to shit when it was counting this show 3 weeks in a row. So from marine to political gangster... more

join me and my producer steve as we cntinue the journey through my 70s as we start our journey through 1974 and why these movies affected me.

Tonight The Doc and Danae discuss Movies they've seen recently, do anime reviews, and whatever else pops up

Italin exploitation. what does that term bring to your mind. from slease to cash ins and blatent ripoffs this show is alove notw to all of them! so join me karl and steve for 2 hours of fun!

Micheal parks was one of the best charachter actors ever in every film he was in he was amazing from the 60s til his death if you seen his name you knew he was good. So join us as we talk about him.and his music.

All the rips this week have talked about how don was steve maqueens friend and all that noise. tonight we will be discussing him and all the amazing work he did. so join us tonight.

Join us as we take our yearly trip to summerisle island as we celebrate the 1972 classic the wicker man. this year we examine the history behind the music picked to use in the wcker man. Join me doc sludge and our speical guest as... more