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When you think of filmaking and pittsburgh the first name thatn pops to your mind was george romero. so join is as me the crew and our guests and fans tell why we loved him and his work.
  • by Geexploitation
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  • 02:00
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Join me and my producer as we talk about all the science news

if you told me back then that a low budget fantasy movie woulf change the landscape forever; id call you crazy/ but it and a film om ufos starte the downfall of new hollywood by 2 of the guys who were part of the movement. so... more

Join us as we do a live watch of the clive barker cult classic nghtbreed. with this weeks announcement of a blu ray of the cabal cut, its perfect timeing to watch the directors cut, so join us for this and all the usual craziness!

Join me and my hunchback steve as we go through the rest of the 76 gems that ment a lot to me.

Closing time for the year 1990 with the rest of 1990 and the best worst and he academy awards!

1 year ago geexploitation was in flux and there was this dude asking how to learn how to do a podcast, so i threw him into the deep water and a year llater he has been a good fit.. Filled with goji logic and monster love, this show is celebrating... more

Welcome to 1975 the year between blockbusters and me karl kaefer will tell you more of the movies i love with my co host steve

good god between all 4 shows geexploitatiob is up to 150! so join us tonight as we celebrate. 150 episodes and the start of my epic 90s series!

ricky bates is the best horror director you havent heard ofwith three very disturbing but funny movies under his belt it kills me he snt bigger! so key it up on demand and listen to me and karlaswe listen to thisas the lead in to sundays... more

How did we ever get so sensitive that everything and anything will ofend us. I guess growing up in a time wher you needed a thick skin to live is gone. But safe spaces and crucifying those we think are demons when they arent is a sad state... more