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Suzanne Toro

A few years back, I shared a story about my travels through Italy which included the memories of the many gifts I received after I lost my yoga mats, a hand made yoga bag from India and a sacred flute. (Celebrate the Abundant Universe) Recently, while meditating I made another wish for a flute exactly like the one I lost. I have been searching for a new flute since I left Rome two years ago. My children even bought me a replacement to pacify my deep yearning for my lost flute.

With vigilance, I employed my honed skill of non-attachment each time I would attempt to go search for a replacement flute. I trusted that when the time was right I would find a new flute. Last year, while traveling in Hawaii, I crossed paths with Diana (she was the person who delivered my original flute to me) and she informed me the special being had stopped making the flutes. Right then my heart sank, I knew I really had to let go and continue to trust that I would find another flute like the one that had vanished in Rome.

Honestly, I had to admit I was attached...I still yearned to play my lost flute again and made another wish that the flute be returned to me. Shortly after making this wish, I was looking at my relatively empty bookshelf in my bedroom.  On top of two other books, there was a book I had given away in Rome. I opened the book up and inside there was a leaf I had brought back from Costa Rica two years ago. I kept looking at the book and said to myself, “How could this be? I gave this book away in Rome.” Immediately, I went to my desk to see if there was a copy of the same book I had ordered to replace this one I gave away in Rome. Sure enough, there was another copy of the book and this was the book from Italy. The memory of my flute and bringing people out of meditation with the soft sounds rolling over from the curves of the graceful flute filled my heart. Still trying not to be attached, I made the wish again for the flute.  I chuckled and wondered why the book was returned to me. It had undeniably filled me with memories of the jungle, Rome and my flute.

Then, a few days later I got an email from a dear friend, Pramod in India. He tells me that I needed to connect with a gentleman named Blue Star but left no contact information. Right after I read that email on my phone, I sat up from where I had been sleeping a CD was sitting on the table. It was a musical lesson CD for my original flute. I had never even listened to the CD or seen it since I brought the flute home from Whistler.  My eyes studied the CD and I looked down at the bottom of the CD face and it read, bluestarlove.com. As the wheels turned in my head, I grabbed my laptop and typed in the web address. I started to cry as I looked at the pictures of his flutes. I had finally found the person who had made my flute. I quickly sent an inquiry to Blue Star, in my e-mail I briefly shared my story and asked about one of his flutes.

The very next day, Blue called me and left me a voicemail informing me that my email was like a memory. His voicemail created a feeling of familiarity; even though, we had yet to have a conversation or meet. When we finally talked, I shared the details of the missing flute and finally my new flute was being sent to me. My wish had come true and as we spoke on the phone, we kept commenting to each other that we new each other. Now, after several conversations we are uncovering the many layers that have led us to reconnect with each other. If I had been attached or tried to force how or when my wish would have been fulfilled, I might have missed out on something even more special than finding my magical flute....finding Blue. All it took was a series of mysterious yet orchestrated events to return me to the familiar sounds and voices of what feels like home. I am filled with gratitude for Pramod, the CD and Blue leading me there.

Now, I want to share my gift with all of you....connect with the gifts of Blue’s creations...no musical experience required to make some of the most beautiful Native American sounds from the heart of one kind man’s hands and heart.....FROM THE HEART.

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