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Suspense Radio, brings you the best of the best in suspense / thriller / mystery and horror. Interviews and reviews in the genres.

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Suspense Radio One on One welcomes Hughes Keenan. Suspense Radio One on One is brought to you in partnership with Partners In Crime tours. Suspense Radio is brought to you by Suspense Magazine.

Sandra Parshall and William Nikkel join Suspense Radio this saturday, bringing their own unique writing style in the suspense / thriller genre. Suspense Radio is brought to you by Suspense Magazine.

With most authors on tour with Partners in Crime, this is a tour stop. This week we have Landon Parham to discuss his book and other topics on Suspense Radio One on One. Suspense Radio is brought to you by Suspense Magazine... more

Ninety minutes of Suspense Radio comes to you with three outstanding authors. We have two authors from England on the show, to give the U.S. fans a taste of what they are missing. Leigh Russell and Sarah Pinbrough will join us... more

Author Donald Allen Kirch is back with his latest episode of Stranger Than Fiction "Flight 19". Donald is the author of "Manchester House" and "Reich" along with writing Stranger Than Fiction in each issue of Suspense Magazine. Visit my... more

Because of technical problems, we have been able to reschedule this show for today. NY Times Bestselling author Robin Cook and Jon Land join us, along with author John Mulhall. Three authors that are sure to excite the readers of... more

LINDA FAIRSTEIN SHOW TITLE: Sex, Lies, and Crime: An Interview With Sex Crimes Expert and Best-Selling Author Linda Fairstein BIO: Honors graduate of Vassar College and the University of Virginia School of Law. Former prosecutor... more

Author Donald Allen Kirch brings you another Stranger Than Fiction show, called "The Sallie House". Donald is the author of books "The Manchester House" and "Reich", and has been writing the Stranger than Fiction column for Suspense... more

Burning Down the House: An Interview with Fire Investigator John Lentini John Lentini will educate us about scientific fire investigation, what can be learned from examining the scene of a fire, and why improved training and scientific... more