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Susan Piontek is bringing you the powerful voices of those individuals who are creating positive changes that resonate locally, nationally and internationally. As Gandhi so wisely said, "We must become the change we want to see in the world." Each week Susan will be interviewing a new guest who will speak of their passion and the actions they are taking to bring about positive changes on our planet. Through the years, Susan has worked as an educator, not-for-profit administrator, Board Member, Fitness Instructor, Voice Over Talent, Life Coach and most proudly a Mom to three wonderful individuals. In all these various capacities, she has come to know and admire people who are making a difference in the world. They often bucked the system and went out on a limb; some may say it was their dissatisfaction with the status quo that compelled them to act. Some call it "true grit", others call it focus and determination; I call it a fire that has been ignited within that speaks of a desire to make a difference. I see visionaries who have turned obstacles into opportunities; gone to places that others may never get to see and filled needs that otherwise might have gone unrecognized. Often in the midst of the seemingly impossible, the dark and chaotic, they have found hope and possibility. With their dogged determination and vision they have created and continued to make positive changes that are leaving a glowing footprint on our planet. The conversations will shed light on stories of real places. They will be illuminating and a cause for celebration. __________________________________________________ Shows will return on Jan 12th 2011.
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