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Susan Lager

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Susan Lager is a psychotherapist, author, and relationship coach at her private practice, The Couples Center PLLC, in Portsmouth, NH. She is the Founder and Principal of Couplespeak™, the unique and innovative company providing exciting programs and vital tools for transformational relationship success. She has authored many published articles, as well as two new workbooks in The Couplespeak™ Series: "I'M TALKING! ARE YOU LISTENING?" FIX COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS WITH YOUR PARTNER IN NO TIME FLAT! is a short, humorous guide for the "do's" and "don't's" of better communication in close relationships. Her latest book "BECOME RELATIONSHIP SMART WITHOUT A LIFETIME OF THERAPY" is a useful resource for anyone wanting more joyful, meaningful relationships. Susan also gets “up close and personal” in two blogs, has produced a series of “Learn To Love” videos on her YouTube channel, and is available as a show-stopping speaker at special events in her “spare" time. You can reach her at her Portsmouth, New Hampshire office at: 603-431-7131

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In this 45 minute episode Susan Lager, a psychotherapist and coach at The Couples Center and Couplespeak™ in Portsmouth, NH, talks with Pattie Porter, The Texas Conflict Coach, about workplace conflict, why people are so frightened by it, how employees and managers avoid dealing with it, the consequences of avoidance, and tips for managing conflicts on the job more effectively. Pattie Porter LCSW, is a subject-matter expert in the field of conflict resolution, having worked as a senior mediator, team facilitator, senior trainer, and conflict management and abrasive leader coach in companies large and small throughout the United States. She has been the host of her own BlogTalk Radio program, The Texas Conflict Coach for the past six years, having aired more than 250 programs, with a listenership of more than 250,00 people throughout the world. Call 877-497-9046 to come on the air with comments or questions. You've probably faced this problem more than once in your lifetime, so talk to an expert!
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In this half hour episode Susan Lager, a psychotherapist and relationship coach, explores the issue of problem drinking. With summer celebrations at full swing, many people are at risk for getting "social permission" to drink excessively and... more

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In this half hour episode, Susan Lager, a psychotherapist and relationship coach explores the five key ways people experience being valued and loved - the five "love languages" cited in Gary Chapman's bestselling book of that name. Lager... more

Due to technical difficulties with the 3/26 BTR episode, and other technical problems on 4/16 (!), this episode has once AGAIN been rescheduled, so join us please on Wednesday, April 30th at 8:30 PM EST for an episode you won't... more

In this episode, Susan Lager co-hosts with Heather Brountas, a certified financial planner with Ameriprise. Together they discuss the loaded topic of divorce, some of the myths surrounding the financial process, and the financial do's and... more

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In this 45 minute episode, Susan Lager co-hosts with Meredith Richardson, a talented and feisty lawyer, mediator, and conflict coach. Together they focus on the central issues and some common pattterns couples play out related to... more

In this episode, Susan Lager, a psychotherapist and relationship coach, discusses the dilemma of healing from emotional injury or violation when the person who hurt you hasn't earned your forgiveness. When there has been no expressed... more

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In this episode, Susan Lager, a Couples Therapist and Relationship Coach, co-hosts with Meredith Richardson, a highly sought New England conflict management specialist who works as a Mediator, Facilitator, Trainer, Conflict... more
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