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12-7-11 FEMA, Earth Changes, Free Flowing Topics

  • Broadcast in US Government
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Ask DreamMyst


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"Dream Myst says, prepare, prepare, prepare . Thisc an be done to a certain extent, but when you sit back and soak all her information in, it's a reality that is coming and I don't think you can ever be prepared emotionally for something as intense as what our Government is doing to our country. It's frightening to think all they have to do is pass a bill and all our rights go out the window. Sad part is, you will never get the closed minded people to believe that it COULD happen to us. The more I see the news, the more what she is saying is very much true. The more I hear from the media, the less I believe. Dream Myst had me very paranoid in the beginning to the point of panicking, but after she talked with one of the callers about how to prepare, it was like taking small bites of it. It was very overwhelming, but Dream Myst has this way of giving you that deep breath to take and it allows you to look at what she is saying in a different way. You see at first I thought, I don't think I can handle listening to this anymore, but something about Dream Myst's engery turned that around for me. I am glad I stuck with it and listened until the end. Hope you can understand my babbling lol If I don't stop now I could fill your whole page, tonight show was great as usually but has my head really spinning......Thank you for sharing your talents once again.