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Ask Dream Myst


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The Ask DreamMyst show is a Trance Channeled show with Rob Norgren. DreamMyst is a Universal Light Being who borrows a human body to communicate. She has an astonishing message for all people. DreamMyst uses the body of psychic, medium and clear channel, Susan Norgren. Through Susan, Dream has predicted a world of change for which mankind is unprepared. Her information includes suggestions that will assist people who want to live in harmony and comfort amid the chaos that is on the horizon for all. Being a wise, playful, loving, kind Universal Light Being, DreamMyst dwells beyond the farthest star in our Universe. “When The Golden Egg Cracks” DreamMyst’s book written by Susan Norgren is gripping, mesmerizing and provocatively informative. DreamMyst offers incredible assistance that will help individuals and society thrive during upcoming life-altering changes. Her wisdom covers topics such as social unrest, financial collapse, food shortages and riots, natural disasters, nuclear radiation--the collapse of life, as mankind has become accustomed.

On-Demand Episodes

The Loss of Freedom never comes back. The government is an all powerful entity, controlling to many aspects of American lives.We disuss the economy, and how it applies to the Constitution. The loss of Freedom is not Safety.

Part 2 is a continuation from last week's show. We disuss the economy, and how it applies to the Constitution. The loss of Freedom is not Safety.

How did America become corporate America? And How does this affect us in our Government, our Economy and American Freedom.Tune in and find out! This is a special two hour show because DreamMyst and Rob Norgren will cover this topic... more

September ‎26, ‎2008 Susan Norgren discusses dreams. What are dream all about? There are five types of dreams, lucid dreams, premonition dreams, nightmares dreams, telepathic dreams and the normal ordinary dream.... more

Your host Shaman Rob Norgren and DreamMyst invite you to join us live on the line for our show Wednesday August 14 at 7 pm PST because we are offering a chance to receive a gift of a frequency charged gift from DreamMyst a universal... more

Rob Norgren is a shaman and host of the trance channeled show Ask DreamMyst which airs on Wednesdays at 7 pm PST on BlogTalk. In Sedona Rob's Anything in the Light group always has a packed house in 2009 Rob... more

April ‎06, ‎2010 Living Intuitively Students Share Insights When the teacher is away her students didn't go away instead they carry the day. This is a great discussion touching on many topics. Telepathy and Pets,... more

Have you wondered if or how preparing for the changes here on earth effect the total "good" on the spiritual realm? Do our choices here on Earth count? What about HAARP and Fracking. Does the Sikh Temple Shooting have anything... more

Tonights show discusses, the largest blackout in historythat happened two days ago in India, can it happen in the United States? What can we expect and how can we prepare. What's with the severe weather from Maine to Oklahoma as it... more

This week's Ask DreamMyst show is focused on vaccinations for babies or children. Are there laws that say you have to innoculate babies and children? If not will there be in the near future? Thank you Rachel for the great show... more
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