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The Frontier Beyond Fear


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A new frontier awaits us, one person, one moment at a time. It's that space we discover when we make the Conscious choice to release the grip of Fear on our thoughts, our lives, our children, our world. When Fear does arrive, we will allow it to be the catalyst it is intended to be. There is always a moment beyond... In this space, we welcome honest, authentic discussion, and we no longer hide behind a mask created by the expectations of others. It's a space where we respectfully come together in an attempt to understand, where assumptions are healed by authenticity. It's a space where we recognize the evolving journey of each and every soul, where we know that change IS possible, for all of us. It's a space that is all about Love, not Fear. Are you a pioneer? Join us on The Frontier Beyond Fear.

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How can we walk in conscious awareness of Love every step of the way? Rev. Christine Green is the founder of Sacred Heart Ministries and has been teaching and counseling others for over 20 years both nationally and abroad. Christine is the author of Authentic Spirituality: A Woman's Guide to Living an Empowered Life, along with multiple books and articles on caregiving and women's issues. Christine has served in leadership roles in New Thought Ministries in California and Oregon, and she has a Masters in Religious Studies, along with a background and business and education. Christine teaches with compassion and clarity and is dedicated to sharing tools to reveal your authentic life. As an author, retreat and workshop facilitator, speaker, and spiritual mentor, Christine finds her inspiration in empowering women to grow beyond their limitations and discover their inner strengths and amazing courage. Christine's web site: Frontier Beyond Fear music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer,, included in this podcast with his permission.
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