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Surviving the Times

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Surviving the times #100

In this episode, I will look at the coming global food crisis, Ethanol fuel, and how preparedness planning fits in to the declining economy. Prices are climbing across the board. It costs more for gas, more for your groceries, more to heat your home today, and things will only get worse.

As our freedoms are slowly peeled away through the loss of our constitution we will see more and more controls over our everyday lives imposed upon us, and a steadily increasing debt load we must pay for through higher taxation. The recovery is not a success, in spite of what you may be reading in the main stream media reports.

When did this recession really start and why?

The Gaiaists keep riding their one trick pony of global warming, even though there is no scientific substance behind their claims. How much damage to the economy and our future is being levied upon the world by the continued allowance of their enslaving and destructive policies? When will we smarten up and face the facts that we are not more powerful than God is, and therefore incapable of causing enough damage to the environment to change the laws of nature?

These points and more will be examined in today’s episode.