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 Mr. Brian Joubert drops by to talk to us about his New Book "Running with Blinders on: the Top 17 mistakes of Small Businesses. Brian is a self made millionaire who started in the basement and made it to his own boardroom! Having established a highly successful Tax business he continues to expore and embody the life of an entreprenuer. Today we're going to have Mr. Joubert share a some nuggets with our listeners. Be sure to have you pen & paper with you during this show!  and Ms. Destiny Carter has just released her new perfume line and I hear she's got a few discounts available just for "the Conversation". Tune in as this wonderful woman who also has a successful Publishing company and has written several books herself, talks to us about what's new in 2012

Also, Ms. Gail Smith-Harris our Entertaiment & Relationship expert speak about "the 10 Facebook Dating Do's and don'ts" ALL this and much, much more...

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