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Welcome to, Survival Radio Network! Our Mission is to Motivate, Educate & Inspire the World! Thank you for joining our Journey! Listed below is our Network's weekly Line-up: Sundays: the Conversation w/ Klarque Garrison (4pm) Mondays: the SEt Up w/ Chloe Taylor Brown (9am) & Let's Talk Politics w/ Fredrick Wilson (7pm) & Career Coach w/ Dr. L.A. Matthews (8:30pm) Tuesdays: From the Basement to the Boardroom w/ Brian Joubert (8:30pm) & Ambizion Radio w/ Damitra Stuart (10pm) Wednesdays: the Conversations w/ Klarque Garrison (7pm) & WLOP Radio w/ Jacki Kash (8:30pm) & Fellas Night Out w/ Chuck Brown (10pm) Thursdays: Emerge Today w/ Monique Stoner (Noon) & Village Creative Radio w/ William Herriott (9pm) Friday: Illuminating the Dark Fields W/ Joseph Carswell (Noon) SaT. Anti-Robot Radio w/ MoonShyne Brown (7pm)

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Join Dr. Maiysha and Coach Elliott this Friday as they talk with special guest Dr. Larry Lytle, author of ?Healing Light – Energy Medicine of the Future!? Our show will take you on a journey into the incredible sub-atomic world of photomedicine where visible and invisible waves of light are being used to stop pain, heal deadly disease and halt the aging process. You know you're going learn a lot .. so we'll see you Friday morning at 9a (ET)! About our guest: At 78 years young, perhaps no one knows more about the theory and practice of applying energetic light frequencies to halt pain and heal diseases than Dr. Larry Lytle, one of America's pioneers in the research and development of cold laser light technology for medical applications. A lifelong student of the healing sciences, Dr. Lytle received his first doctorate in 1964 in the field of dentistry, and his second in the field of nutrition in 1979. A former president of the International Academy of Nutrition and Preventive Medicine, Dr. Lytle turned his focus to the study of low level laser technology in 1994, and his passion for the subject soon earned him recognition as a foremost expert in the field of cold laser therapy. His design advancements in hand-held low level laser devices resulted in the first ever FDA clearance for the use of light in the treatment of arthritis. Trained as an educator, Dr. Lytle is considered by all who know him as a ?teacher among teachers and a student among students.?
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