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This show is devoted to obtaining the grace you need in Jesus name when you need it. With all my heart I love Jesus and desire to devote myself to helping you draw closer to the LORD in the name of grace that is in Jesus, everything is in Jesus.

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So many time we place God in a limited box, a God our own understanding and maybe even sometime we know God and have see all that he has done and we still forget what he did and the linitless power he has towards all of us... more

Today I had a very tough day not because bad things happened just change I was not expecting. However after breathing and taking a few minutes to digest and process the information I returned praises to the Lord. Today we are going to... more

Today a teaching from the God inspired word of God, prayer and praise reports as well as prophecy! All in the name of Jesus! With a heart of praise to the Lord this show is dedicated to the fellowship of the saints and power of relationship with... more

The Lord is so awesome and I am encouraged to bring you a word from 1 and 2nd Thessalonians and pray for each other. Today was a great day! The Almighty is awesome and a good power session with prayer and a reading from the... more

The Direction of the show on the day after boot camp changed the focus of the show. The new focus is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, His word and the working of the miracles of the Holy Spirit. Highlighting the gift of prophecy, In the name of... more

July 9th 2013 was a day that would set for a huge change in my walk with the Lord and my relationship with Jesus! I was on a prayer line and received prayer from a sister in the Lord lenora Sarver. She is the CEO of Request... more

The power of words are truly something people really need to take a look at and think about before they open their yappers! The Lord spoke the word into being and what he spoke is to this day and he spoke it once and for all time, eternal.... more

This faith walk is awesome and dedication to the Lord wow in the last several days I am so on fire for the Lord anyway but God has done GREAT and MIGHTY things and blown me away in ways that i am marveling and I am going to teach... more

The tranforming of our minds through the word of God is what the purpose of this week is. We are taking the word of God and doing it rather than just talking about idle babble. I am confident the Lord is looking for willing people that He can fill... more

Day three into a totally committed journey of discovery of our call and a closer walk with Jesus, upping our game if you will. So far I have been blown away at what the Lord has been doing in my personal life alone but their is a total of five... more