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My life has been an exciting life. I earned my Phd in sin, was really good at it. I was saved by grace and have been called to share my testimony and the real life experiences I have had with the realm of the spirit. I have intel on Satan, his tactics and mission plan for you, he wants you dead. I have a solution for you the gospel and this radio show is devoted to setting people free and spreading the gospel in power and love in the love of Christ!

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I am a man in search for the way the Lord works. I have been a whipping post for Satan for 39 years and most of those years I have spent in rebellion against the saving grace of Jesus. My search for truth led me to through the dark under... more

I am tired of Satan attacking me today he fired another arrow aimed at my character at work. He is always firing arrows flaming at all of us and we all respond differently to his lies, deceptions and attacks. I have failed so many... more

People spend $2 Billion a year on self help books trying to get rich quick and make money. All of us are looking for ways to improve the quality of our lives and many of us are searching for answers in a world that offers a ton of short... more

Acts 24:24 The Roman Governor seeks for Apostle Paul, seeking to find out about righteousness, self-control and the judgement to come. Felix freaked out and had Paul thrown back into a horrible prison. Our life is way more than just... more

It's true we all have enemies! The greatest of these if un protected and ignorant....Satan, the devil! I have been tasked in reaching all and telling the truth as it is written and with demonstration of the Holy Spirit to help you... more

The world moves forward with or without us and the unseen world is just as real and we the people must not be fools concerning this very thing. The bible is very clear in scripture about heaven and hell and the reality of angels and demons. I... more

It's been really challeninging the last couple days my own doing of course choosing to allow my emotions run wild and now I am humbled and truly in a spot where I would love to pray for all who come to listen and hopefully share... more

I have intimate knowledge so do you it's in the bible that the devil is real. I also have been blessed to have actually seen and been harassed by evil spirits and know the wrath of Satan and the GRACE of God that is in Jesus. I must share... more

Satan is a fallen angel, created to worship the LORD Almighty. Pride filled his heart and he fell and dragged 1/3 of the angels of with him. Now hell bent toward killing you He has a very well thought out, crafty plan to destory you. I... more

For several years I have been dealing with a thorn in my side, a messenger from Satan that has opened my eyes to the dark reality of the satanic plots, schemes and world. I am under heavy oppression and attack right now and facing it... more