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Life—what about it?


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Since 12 Sept 2010 I spoke for three years on many spiritual topics. For last one year I maintained a silence. Now I want to talk again but I have no specific topics—I will weave as it goes along. My earlier talks were: (1) "Spirituality Beyond Religion"—20 episodes, (2) "Astavakra Gita"—40 episodes , (3) "Patanjali Yoga Philosophy"—18 episodes, (4) "Philosophy of Guru Nanak"—9 episodes, (5) "Patanjali Yoga Practices - The Kriya Yoga"—13 episodes, (6) "Patanjali Yoga Practices - The Powers"—4 episodes, (7) “Aham Brahmasmi—I am God”—15 episodes, (8) "Death—what about it?"-7 episodes (9) Who is 'I am'? - 4 episodes.

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Session # 10... Peace is within; peace outside depends on stimulation

Session # 9.....Each mind is unique

Session # 8....Life is mind—Mind is life

Session#7....What is the unique problem of human beings

Session#6....What is a Human Being

Session#5....... How people differ from one another

Session#4: How emotions change experience

Session#3......Why people act and feel the way they act and feel?


Give me a call during the show (1-516-453-9937) and tell listeners by sharing with me your idea of what life is all about.
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