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IyamikokoXSupreme Ancestral Mother

Iyami Akoko-Supreme Ancestral Mother


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Introduction to The Ancestral Mothers and Divine Feminine Energy-DFE. Enlightening women of their role of Motherhood of all that lives! The time is now!!

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This evening we will resume our focus on Ancient Kemet and how Mothers and Motherhood was viewed during the time of Antiquity. We were teaching on and Yeye Osun of Ifa Orisa, (Het-Heru of Kemetic tradition) known as Isis of Ancient... more

This Episode the focus will be on Ancient Kemet and how female energies was original viewed and worshiped, which will give insight on the power and the importance of Women and Motherhood. What is your role as female? Are you... more

Tonight we will focus on the phase of the Full Moon, the energy that contiues to build and build. It builds until there is an explosive outgoing of its energy. All of nature grows and more times then not reaches it apex during this phase of... more

Tonight, we will learn how to relate In reference to The Mothers our ideas and intentions and understand that space and time is needed for gestation in order to elevate to a higher spiritual dimension of manifestation. This is also true for our... more

Tonight teaching is on learning how to ultilize the facets of the moon. So the New Moon provides us with an opportunity to take the time to create SACRED SPACE to perform these rituals. It's imperative. When women come together i.e.... more

First, we must learn how to tune in to The Mothers i.e. get on the same spiritual frequency, wave length. This should not be too difficult for Afrikoid people because the melanin gives us the ability to transmit, transform and receive all... more

Teaching tonight is on "How To" perform ritual to The Mothers. You must come with caution in awe, adoration, and respect to the mother. If, you don't have a know a prayer that exhibits this, ladies collectively form or create one together.... more

Women, the teachings is on the New Moon cycle tonight. Every New Moon marks the beginning of another cycle, a new cycle, which give us a fresh/new start; a new beginning if you will. Due to the cycle of duality the moon goes through the... more

In keeping in concert with my book, Iyami Osoronga; Divine Femininity, In Ancient Kemet the woman's womb was viewed as heaven. This was so because when the infant was still in the mother's womb being nurtured and was in... more

Women, aAir moves us. Fire transforms us. Water shapes us as Earth heals us the balance of the wheel goes round and round and round. The balance of the wheel goes around continuously to spin. Earth is our body. Water is our... more
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