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Supergirl Talk Podcast #35 - S 2 Ep 15 EXODUS

  • Broadcast in Television
Supergirl Talk Podcast

Supergirl Talk Podcast


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Cadmus begins abducting aliens so Kara asks Snapper to publish an article, but he insists on knowing her source. When Supergirl confirms the story but refuses to reveal her own source, Snapper refuses to publish. Alex's obsession with Jeremiah leads to J'onn suspending her, but Maggie decides to help her find Jeremiah. They stop a Cadmus team from abducting an alien and find the site where Cadmus is taking the aliens. Lena also finds out about the site before Lillian's operatives attempt to stop her, but Kara save Lena.At the Cadmus site, Alex is captured, and Jeremiah reveals that Cadmus is planning to deport the aliens to another planet in a large spaceship. Meanwhile, Kara publishes the story on a blog so Lillian decides to deport the aliens she already has. Alex convinces Jeremiah to help her stop the launch and while he engages Cadmus operatives, she enters the ship and frees the aliens, but they are locked inside by another gate before the ship launches, programmed to accelerate to light speed once exiting the atmosphere. Supergirl arrives and manages to stop the ship. Snapper fires Kara from CatCo while Alex is reinstated by J'onn. Daxamites arrive near the Moon.