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Now that the race baitors have fooled the public into thinking the Michael Brown episode was about race we now seem to have a race war going on. Foolishly, many have joined in with the Demonstrators thinking they are helping with police... more

First the state of Missouri tries to execute Jeffery Weinhaus by a disturbed Highway Patrolman. Then they bring trumped up charges. Since then Jeffery has been in prison for getting shot and now the State of Missouri is dragging... more

The politics of emotion is ruining this country. You now have politicians willing to to whatever it takes to get votes regardless of the Constitution or how it can destroy peoples lives. More on today's show! Changing lives every day of the... more

The protestors are making a difference. Even though I feel its for the wrong case, police abuse and brutality has become a problem and it looks like the Authorities are seeing the backlash. Is that a good thing? Changing lives every day of the... more

Here we go, another law to control behavior. Many cities have passed a law that you cant text while you drive. Is that infringing on our liberties? Is it a good law or bad one? What about DUI checkpoints? Do we keep passing laws to be safer?... more

Bring up race and you have engulfed the American public. Laws and the First Amendment go out the window. Protestors can break laws and the police do nothing. Drive 5 miles over the speed limit and expect a ticket. What's wrong... more

Who's side is the government on? Where was the National Guard when Frerguson when in up flames? Why is the government telling the Oathkeepers that they cannot defend private property? Changing lives every day of the week?

Don't like the way things are going? Taxes too high? Bad decisions by authorities? YOU are in charge of who gets elected! Changing lives every day of the week!

A terrible night after the decision to NOT indict Officer Darrent Wilson. Again, the leaders were nto ready. Businesses burned and were looted. So much more to hear! Changing lives every day of the week!

America has gone downhill. The people doing the least are getting most of the attention. Why? It's because they are NOT sitting on their hands and waiting. When the citizens of the America wait for others to do the right they, they will... more