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Don't wait until next year to start work on draining the swamp. President Trump cannot make the changes with the current House and Senate members. It's up to us to replace these people from Federal down to State and Local. We even... more

Kudos to the Jefferson County Council members who were brave and stood up against a crowd and voted for the Constitution. This can happen but it all depends on who you vote for and your involvement. Complaining is the lazy mans... more

Are the liberals trying to take out Fox News? After the take down of O'Reilly is Sean Hannity next? Showdown in Jefferson County with PDMP. Do you think this database is going to change drug abuse. Is this just another program that will... more

The Media puts all its effort it trying to defeat Trump but it just doesnt seem to work for them. Georgia House race will be a runnoff but the Media thinks the Democrats won. Huh?

The establishment is doing a round about to make sure the Trump agenda isnt making it. They dont want tax cuts or Obamacare repealed. The establishment is trying their best to make Trump look bad and hoping the people fall for it.... more

Do guns kill? Liberals think so. In fact, they think stricter gun laws will fix their problems? Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws and has some of the worst crime anywhere. What makes them think less guns for law abiding citizens... more

How did common sense and logic escape United? Will this man win a lawsuit even though the "rules" set by the FAA might work against him?

Got problems with Trump because of the bombing. You accuse him of being a Progressive and start the name calling of the supporters? Were you in Syria or do you have intelligence connections that the President doesnt know about?... more

Can't imagine why people complain? They don't vote or get involved but spend a lot of time complaining. They vote themselves tax increases and corrupt leaders and they can't figure out why there is a problem? People believe lying Media... more

For those of you that remember Watergate, we now have it that the Obama Administration was wiretapping Candidate Donald Trump with Susan Rice as the connection. Will the Media report it? Will anyone go to jail for it? Apparently, the... more