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Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) Congress Cuts To Medicaid (Mental Health & Substance Abuse) Programs, 2) Trump & WH Talks With Representatives of Germany & China
  • by SuperAdvocate
  • in Politics
  • 00:30
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Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) GOP'ers That Voted For Trump etc. & Now Are Crying That They're Losing Their Health Coverage, 2) Since Obamacare, Medicare, & Medicaid Are Government Mandated Coverages, Then The Government Should... more

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Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) Trump Connection(s) To Russia, But Wanting To Make Enemies With China 2) GOP Plans To Kill Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) Voting Recounts 2) Trump Trying To Save 1000 American Jobs At Carrier