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Equality and Rights For All


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Fighting for equality and rights for all people

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Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) U.S. Does NOT Do Any Exports, 2) U.S. Is In Huge debt To Many Countries, But More So To China & Japan. With U.S. Being Friendly w/China, That Gets Putin Mad.

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) Trump Won The Beliefs of the People In The Middle States & That Could Be An Issue For Dems. Next Year, 2) Trump Lied About Coal Miner Jobs Making A Huge Comeback

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) Trump Fired & Threatened FBI Director James Comey, 2) The Head of NYC's Troubled (aka Corrupt) Jail System Has Resigned

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) New York (and many other states) Is A Sanctuary Place & That's Why Trump Took Away Federal Funds, 2) Social Security

Topic(s) of discussion: 1) U.S. Economy Has NOT Grown As Large As Economists Expected, 2) Trump & Many Republicans In Congress Wants To Get Rid of Low Income Housing

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) United Airlines Screwed Up BIG TIME! 2) NYC Mayor Elections This Coming November

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) U.S. Missle Strike In Syria, 2) Russia & N. Korea Threaten U.S.

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) Coal Miners (Lung Cancer)/Our Natural Resources, 2) Give Flynn and The Rest Time To Talk

Topic(s) of discussion: 1) Canada Has A Health Care Plan That Protects Everyone & Prescriptions Are So Much Cheaper In Canada As Well. U.S. Government Wants To Protect The Rich On Wall Street & Pharmaceuticals 2)... more

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) Congress Cuts To Medicaid (Mental Health & Substance Abuse) Programs, 2) Trump & WH Talks With Representatives of Germany & China