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El-R Charis is a native of Chicago, bred and raised on the Southside. Educated in the Chicago Public School system in a time when teachers took an active role as alternate parents to those entrusted to them daily: El-R took her first creative writing class in an After-School program under the tutelage of Mrs. Leila BoNey. During the program, this Author's natural flair for writing became immediately apparent to the program director thus a friendship/mentorship identity was formed. This connection lasted throughout the Author's formative years until the untimely passing of El-R's beloved mentor in her early twenties. In addition to her enthusiasm for writing, El-R Charis majored in Commercial Art as a high school student, even graduating from higher education with an AAS in Art & Design from Robert Morris University, Chicago. Throughout her life, El-R Charis has endured many obstacles she credits for fine tuning her craft with a keen level of detail, which many people who have struggled through life's journey can relate. A Poet who expresses a lifetime of observation, harmony through conflict, and ultimately self acceptance: This openly gay author utilizes words, artistic talents, as well as photography to lay out graphic depictions of the ups and downs of moving through society. El-R's newest endeavor a publishing company, Phi Phe Publications, offer a variety of services from editing to ghost writing. Motion in Poetry, the Web site at rallies all things embodied in the mind of El-R Charis: Words, Pictures, Passion. Social Media info: (Web site) Twitter: @elrcharis Instagram: @el_r_charis
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Robert J. Moore Jr. was born in Elyria, Ohio on November 13th 1979. Despite his birthplace, Robert grew up in the neighboring city of Lorain, Ohio, the same birthplace of world famous authors Toni Morrison and Helen Steiner Rice.... more

Phoenix Rising is a California native that was born in Southern California. She is a lifelong lover of reading and writing. She has been writing poetry for as long as she can remember, but only just started writing short stories about 5 years... more

Danielle Walker, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, was inspired at an early age to express her feelings through writing, when she received her first diary. Ms. Danielle Walker is the owner of 'YJLM Publishing House' and is the author of... more

Kennedee Devoe is the author of Amazons Bestseller, Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right...It Makes Us Even, and With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies. Kennedee is the Publisher of Devoe Publications. She is also the Creator of... more

About Nicole Banks :"I'm a New Yorker born and bred. Graduated from John Jay College of Criminal justice. I'm a lover of all things that make me happy, stuffing my face with home cooked meals is one of them. I love dancing and writing... more

Samantha Underwood is an Author, Entrepreneur, and Graphic Designer. Samantha has been a full time graphic Designer since 2008 when she opened up her own freelance graphic design firm called, ScorpiosGraphics, LLC. She had... more

A. Jarrell Hayes is a prize-winning poet and fiction writer from Maryland. He is an independent author, with over a dozen published books in poetry, fantasy, science fiction, and fiction. His work as appeared over twenty times in publications. In... more

Alix B. Golden has been filling spiral notebooks with words since she learned how to write. When her sixth grade teacher assigned the class weekly journal entries, Alix found a way to express what she couldn't always speak. As a... more

Phillis T. Forrest is a native of Detroit MI where she raised two daughters and has three grandchildren. Once an Hairstylist in Oak Park Mi, she now resides in Nashville, Tennessee, where she is persuing her mission to raise awareness of... more

We will be interviewing Mr. Al King, author of the book "Let It Be Known". We will be picking his brain on how the book came about and info on the man himself. Make sure you get your copy before the show so we can all be on the same... more