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About Nicole Banks :"I'm a New Yorker born and bred. Graduated from John Jay College of Criminal justice. I'm a lover of all things that make me happy, stuffing my face with home cooked meals is one of them. I love dancing and... more
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Samantha Underwood is an Author, Entrepreneur, and Graphic Designer. Samantha has been a full time graphic Designer since 2008 when she opened up her own freelance graphic design firm called, ScorpiosGraphics, LLC. She had... more

A. Jarrell Hayes is a prize-winning poet and fiction writer from Maryland. He is an independent author, with over a dozen published books in poetry, fantasy, science fiction, and fiction. His work as appeared over twenty times in publications. In... more

Alix B. Golden has been filling spiral notebooks with words since she learned how to write. When her sixth grade teacher assigned the class weekly journal entries, Alix found a way to express what she couldn't always speak. As a... more

Phillis T. Forrest is a native of Detroit MI where she raised two daughters and has three grandchildren. Once an Hairstylist in Oak Park Mi, she now resides in Nashville, Tennessee, where she is persuing her mission to raise awareness of... more

We will be interviewing Mr. Al King, author of the book "Let It Be Known". We will be picking his brain on how the book came about and info on the man himself. Make sure you get your copy before the show so we can all be on the same... more