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From Fantasy to Supernatural, Video games to Comic Books. We Specialize in all things fiction!

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On behalf of Supafi64, Thoughts and prayers most definitely go out to the victims and there families of The awful Colorado incident. I will keep you updated on if there is a releaf effort, where you can send your money to. Thank You! Tonight... more

Movie trailers Solomon Kane and Branded, up on right now! Video Game Cinematic trailer for Planetside 2 I think Im addicted to Tumblr I thought Rock Band was dead! Guess who attended the Premier of The Dark... more

Truly amazing artist that i'm interviewing tonight. If you havn't heard his music, you will be doing your ears a favor by going to check this man out!

Scary Spiderman, Scary Movie 5, Hannible Godzilla Tumblr! Oh, and today marks our new week in music. This week you will be listening to Dan Wolff! Don't forget to check out the new trailers on

Man Of Steel News Trailers for Street Fighter X Tekken and Walking Dead Video Game Is Marvel getting ready for another Reboot? What TV show has been renewed for it's 3rd season? And finally, what are our thoughts on Comic-con?... more

Listen, this is and always weill be a Fiction based show. But even nerds LOVE music. Every week we feature a new unsigned artist to balst their awesome music throughout the week. This week we have Forbidden Mission as our featured... more

How well is Spider Man doing? So is Microsoft creating a new Xbox or not? Who's going to be the Assassin in the assassin's creed movie? WHy has Comicon made me upset.....AGAIN? And there hasn't been any Stargate news for a... more

In this episode we interview someone from the company X-Modds! They fix all of your game consoles so if your a gamer you might want to pay attention. We talk some much needed horror news with Sam, Including revisiting "The Tall Man",... more

In this episode we Interview Ron Glick an author who recently wrote an AMAZING fantasy novel called "One"! Trailers for movies "The Awakening" and "Cirque Du Solei" are up on Video Game trailers for Secret World... more

The Amazing Spiderman Launch Trailer The Human Fly Announcement New Movie Trailers for Franken Weenie and Looper Amc Movie Theatre Dabocle Big Hero 6 Scarry Movie Proxy We also say farewell to Jinxemgood, we play... more
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