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CRAZY AWESOME SHOW!!! Interview with FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK: FIRST TO BURST! Interview with Vince and Rudy from 66 studios! GREAT NEW MUSIC, and Tons of News about our artists! Check it out! Go Help Bob from... more

Sup 60 Music Show! NEW FEATURED ARTISTS: First To Burst Interview with Tim Litvin! Interview with Will Ridinger of Apache Fog/The Long Knives TONS OS NEW MUSIC! Go Check Out Bob's Recording Workship! Lets donate and help... more

Sorry about the mix up guys! Interview with Skyward! Brandon is here! Lots of new music! Be here....NOW!

GREAT SHOW TONIGHT!!! New Featured Artist: BUCKIT! Interview with Skyward! Interview with 66 Studios! Plus New Music to Jam out to! Unfortunately Brandon could not make it tonight due to a storm and power outage but we will... more

Great show tonight you guys!!! Interview with Damo from The Yann Team! Interview with Yojira The Terrible from Lost Calligraphy! Go Support Bob and make his dreams come true!!! Bob from Bride Dressed In Black:... more

AWESOME NEW EPISODE! New Featured Artist: Woody & Sunshine Interview with New Featured Artist: Woody & Sunshine! New Segment: Miss You Monday Continues! Plus: Tons of new music and info about our artists! Its time to get... more

Great Show Tonight! Interview with Frank Palangi on his new single "Hope"! Plus TONS of new music to play, and its still pouring into our email boxes! Its time to get real with music, Its time for the... more

Sup 60 Music Show! NEW MUSIC MONDAY! No Featured Artist, No Interviews, but TONS of new music! Exciting new music that you have NEVER heard before! PLUS, great news on some of our artists! Its time to get real with Music, Its time... more

ACTION PACKED SHOW TONIGHT! Interview with Featured Artist: LIMS Interview with Sinemetus and Ksoul from: ONE FOCUS! A night of fun and Awesomeness coming at you guys! Its time to get real with music, Its time for... more
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