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This show focuses on celebrity gossip, biggest news topics, and anything else you can think of. I say the things you want to say and can't. Interviews and listener comments are welcomed during the show. touching on ALL subjects from parenting to the horrible imagination from onseself; I AM the pretty girl with the bad mouth. If you are easily insulted, or offended, i advise you not to listen to this broadcast. I repeat: DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS BROADCAST!! There are no holds barred, no words or subjects off limits, and no one excluded from being talked about. If you waste your time to dial ten digits just to spread negative comments, this show is not for you, because i am NOT a celebrity, meaning i WILL fire back. I am the "Biggest Chick on the Block", and this broadcast is for mature, and thick sinned audiances only. i repeat: THIS BROADCAST IS FOR MATURE AND THICK SKINNED AUDIANCES ONLY!! If curse words, politics, current events, and sexual subjects on celebrities offend you, you should NOT listen to this show! I advise you turn away now. If not, WELCOME TO THE MADD HOUSE hosted by SUNNY GIOVANNI!!

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I'm going to be kicking it with the Literary Ladies of the ATL and things are going to be more than interesting. As thanks for allowing me a segment on their show, I'll be digging around inside the most imtimate thoughts of Kenyatta, Ebonee,... more

Giovanni and the clan explores trends on Facebook, the importance of reading, the horrible ratchet world, and just about all of the lastest celebrity gossip.

Too many people have too many problems, and you'd be surprised how much better you'd feel by screaming it out. Try it, right here on We Talk TOO Much Radio!

Can't find your backbone? No worry!! It's Sunny Giovanni to the rescue! Tune in for your weekend feed of celebrity gossip, tough love, curse words galore, and a little music added here and there on the next broadcast of "We Talk... more

These days... baby mama's are confused. They don't know which position is theirs. Are you the side line? Sometimes. Are you the wife? Most definately not. Are you the girlfriend? Every other day. Ahhhh... so that must mean you're the... more

Hatin'? Stop it. We just need you to stfu!!! Who cares if they're gay, a certain race, changing/ changed genders... it's THEIR LIFE! STFU about it already!

He say, she say is one of the deadliest diseases of the human race. Even animals survive without it. What does that say about you???

Everything you've wanted to know, or wanted me to answer, must be answered, and will be answered TODAY!

No matter what happens, keep it moving. Only look back to see if there's something on the bottom of your shoe. That is all.

After a very long road to recovery... the chains come off and Sunny Giovanni comes out to play in FULL FORCE! Topics include: *Syria (opinion) *Dora the Explora (rant) *Mylie Cyrus Twerk (review) *Facebook Games... more
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