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Learn about the original species of this planet which guarantees us all our inheritance of abundance through the Tree of Life, Kaneh Bosm aka 'cannabis'.

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James M. Byrne, PhD. Professor, University of Lethbridge Primary research and work interests: Climate variability and change; impacts, adaptation and mitigation of climate change; hydrometeorology; hydrology; integrated watershed... more

Debi Jackson is from the Deep South, she and her husband reside in the Midwest. Despite 20 years of experience studying audience psychographics in her advertising and marketing career, she still is baffled when she tries to figure out... more

Eric L. Zielinski, DC (c), MPH (c) has devoted his life to natural health and wellness for over a decade. Inspired by the timeless principles in the Bible, Eric's mission is to seek out ways to provide people with simple, evidenced-based... more

Todays Guest Is Wendy Stefancko, one of 30 authors of the book Inch by Inch Growing in life

Jodi Tucker, Clinical Director and CEO of Kids Matter Inc She has 14 years experience working with children and adults in residential, institutional and community settings. Jodi has provided services and individualized/specialized... more

"Annie turns herself inside out when she slowly comes to grip with the startling truth that her adolescent daughter is pulling out her hair, a little bit at a time. How long will it be until she is neat bald? Annie finally finds a way to cope that has... more

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta Canada Aime Hutton is passionate about helping tween and teen girls believe in themselves. With over 15 years' experience of working with youth Aime brings a unique and bold character experience to all... more

Hey what is happening around the world? Even our own little world, the world that each of us has Where are we headed. Can we steer our way to safety, or will will we drive right in to self annilhation.

Twenty year veteran investment broker, with Canada's largest financial institutions. Industry whistle blower about professional investment sales misconduct, turned systemic abuse consultant. Expert witness testimony given... more

Todays Guests are MLA Gegg Weadick From 2:pm To 2:30 Pm Then newly elected Mayor Chris Spearman from 2:35 to 3pm Each guest will be talking about Fracking with in the City Limits of Lethbridge and the possible proplems arising... more