Sunday Brunch w Kim Afreeka

Sunday Brunch W/ Kim Afreeka


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LIFE.LOVE.CULTURE.ART.HEALTH. POLITICS.BUSINESS. Put on your best Sunday Hat, Serve up some Brunch and Join Host Kim Afreeka, MSW in Engaging Conversation, Spiritual Insights and Live Music. Eat.Talk.Jam.

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Today I will discuss how and when I set my goals for the new year, how you can use the laws of nature to actualize your goals effortlessly. There is a very harmonious way to create anything you want to see following the cycles already... more

Today I will celebrate Dr. Kings Legacy, discuss the sensational movie Selma and where we are today as a nation.

Today's Discussion: Being Free in 2015. Letting Go and Moving On from the Past for Good. Exploring Techniques that will Finally Set You Free to Pursue Your Dreams and Live a Full, Whole Life. We will discuss our Book Club of the... more

Join me as we welcome in the 2012 Harvest Full Moon, letting go of the past and laying a fertile ground for the future. What do you need to let go of, what are you holding on to out comfort or fear. We will do exercises and rituals to alert the... more

Join me with Relatioship and Love Coach Mr. Jason Hairston as he shares how before we can become sexually free, we need to heal ourselves from the pain we have experienced from the guilt, abuse, and shame based around sex. This... more

Loving yourself is the foundation of Living the Kismet Life and the 1st Principle to Living Your Highest Vision for Yourself. Is it hard to say No to others when you really want to? Do you feel under appreciated and undervalued at work or... more

Free Coaching Questions and Discussions on Self Improvement through Meditation and Visualization Exercises

Welcome to the new Fall season 2010, Come Join me as I share my stories of where I've been and where I'm going...
Sunday Brunch w Kim Afreeka

New Fall Season 2010

  • by Sunday Brunch w Kim Afreeka
Welcome to the New Fall Season! I am very excited about the new adventures and rendezvous that I will be going on this year and I want to share all of my incredible experiences with you! Please join me on my up and coming show on... more