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Uninhibited, On Drugs Or Just Crazy? Urban Therapy with Sun #202

  • Broadcast in Psychology
Urban Therapy with Sun

Urban Therapy with Sun


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There are people that would go to a nude beach and strut their stuff, whereas there are other people that wouldn't even let you see their bare feet in the hot summer time. What's up with them?

There are people who don't mind speaking publicly and seem to do it as if it ain't no thing. Then there are people who wouldn't stand up to speak at their own birthday celebration if they could avoid it. How come?

There are people who are otherwise very shy, but let them get a couple of drinks in them, or let them be high on something and all hell will breal loose with them. Substance confidence?

There a re people who are sexually very free when they are under the infulence, but are cold fish otherwise. What y'all know about this?

Some people are just wack jobs no matter whather they are high or not. There are differing levels of craziness as you may well know.

Let's turn it up this Wednesday.