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Concession and Submission. Urban Therapy with Sun #189

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Submission. This dirty little word has had men and women going at each other's thraots for the longest time. How come? What's the big deal? Was it always this way? Has there always been a debate about who should submit and to whom someone should submit to? Did women used to submit back in the day more than they do nowadays? Do only women submit or do men have to submit as well? Do we all only submit to God? Do only Black American women have problems with submission, or do other cultrues struggle with getting on the same page with it as well? 

Let's talk about submission for real this time and clear the air about this.


Concessions and conceding. Do we even know what that means? 

When you concede to to someone, you admit that they were right. For some people, that's like a mark of death. Why though? If someone is has done better than you at something, why wouldn't you conced victory to them? Political candidates have to do it every election year. Is it that big of a deal?

Do we really have that big of a problem admitting that someone is right, or that someone is better at something than we are? We know for sure that there is always someone out there who is better than us at something so what's the problem?

Is concession too much like submission? Is it that if you can't do one, you can't do the other? Is it that if you can do one, you will definitely do the other?

Let's have at it this Wednesday.