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Urban Therapy with Sun #104 A Good Neighborhood. A Bad Neighborhood.

  • Broadcast in Health
Urban Therapy with Sun

Urban Therapy with Sun


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What is a good neighborhood? Is it about the money? The schools? The crime rate? The helpfulness of neighbors who otherwise mind their business? The low percentage of Blacks and Latinos but the high percentage of white people who are employed? Is it the property tax rate? Can a good neighborhood exist in the city or does a good neighborhood only exist in the suburbs? Do only good people live in good neighborhoods? How far apart do good and bad neighborhoods usually live from each other? Where is the good and bad line that separates the two?
What is a bad neighborhood? Who lives there? Is it the exact opposite of what a good neighborhood is? Does a bad neighborhood only have bad people and things living working in it? Do people who live in a bad neighborhood work? What does a good neighborhood and a bad neighborhood have in common? Do people from bad neighborhoods go to good neighborhoods and if so, for what? Do people from good neighborhoods go to bad neighborhoods and if so, what for?
What is good and bad when it comes to neighborhoods anyway and is there a way to measure it? Do statistics tell the whole story? Do resident testimony tell he whole story? We're gonna use both and see what we can find out about this strange phenomenon that everyone seems to understand so little and so lot about.
Do Blacks and whites live in the same good and bad neighborhoods? Do Black people move from bad Black neighborhoods to better Black neighborhoods or is it that you must move to a neighborhood where there are more whites than Blacks for a neighborhood to be good?
Be sure to tune into this one and bring friends and/or children to listen in. You might find out some good and/or bad things about your good or bad neighborhood.