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Urban Therapy with Sun #96 Deadbeat Moms? Mom Paying Child Support and Alimony?

  • Broadcast in Health
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It's true and it happens a lot more than people recognize but there are thousands of women in this country that do not have custody of their children and who are ordered to pay child support and sometimes alimony. It's not just men who pay child support and interestingly enough it's not just men who are classified as deadbeat dads. There are plenty of deadbeat moms out there and in terms of percentages of those who pay child support, there are more deadbeat moms than dads. Many women run behind in child support by thousands of dollars and make excuses for it similar to the way we are used to hearing about men doing. Many women serve jail sentences for non payment and many try to escape justice for ducking child support payments as well. Many of these stories are swept under the rug or are under reported.

This show is not designed to demonize women for acting the same way as some men are known to do. There is no doubt that the most important thing is for children to be placed in the care of of the most capable, responsible, loving situation whether it's the mom or the dad. This show will be an information show to shed light on a very real situation that affects the lives of our children and families. We need to recognize the family must go on but the way that the family is financed is not always one way or one sided.

Things that will be covered on this show:

Circumstances that grant custody with fathers instead of mothers.

How the courts view mothers that relinquish custody to fathers.

Circumstances that grant alimony to husbands instead of wives.

The emergence of full time single father households.

How women paying child support deal with custody as well as child support payments.