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Urban Therapy with Sun #82 But Who Am I To Judge

  • Broadcast in Lifestyle
Urban Therapy with Sun

Urban Therapy with Sun


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But who am I to judge?

Why you always judging somebody?!

Only God can judge me, not you!

Who are you to be judging somebody?!

It ain't like you ain't never do nothing bad in your life so why you judging them?

Judge not or be judged yourself.

You shouldn't be judging nobody until you get your own shit in order.

If you have had it up to your nostrils with these kinds of statements then this is the show you've been waiting for. Undoubtedly we have all heard someone say these things from time to time or we say them ourselves in some variation but are we saying them at the proper time? Are we saying not to judge only when someone is doing something that they should not have done and we are trying to justify it in some way? Is it our guilt of doing bad things that tells us not to judge? Is it our knowledge of the accusers past guilt that tells us not to let them judge? Is there a time and place for all judging?

Do we even rally know what it means to judge or not to judge or is it one of those words that has somehow gotten away from us after we heard it get used and now we don't know when and where to place it? Is judging snitching or is judging just standing up and saying something? Can we get through life without judging and if we can't then how do we raise our babies? How do we stop people from getting hurt? How do we place proper blame? How do we prevent crime? How do we steer people onto the right path if we don't judge their performance along the way? Can judging be a good thing and if so, do we not judge because judging is judging anyway you slice it?

Is a judgement an opinion and if it is, is it okay to express it?

Can we get int this word y'all? Speaking of the word, judgement is a Biblical term but it sure seems to have gotten removed from that realm huh?

We're gonna have a great time on this show. Don't judge me!