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Urban Therapy with Sun #75 Doing It Around My Kids

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Urban Therapy with Sun

Urban Therapy with Sun


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Where do we draw the line between what is and what isn't appropriate behavior to display around our children? This often becomes a heated argument between co-parenting couples who are in the midst of a bitter breakup. Don't be having none of them ****** around my kids!

We know that raising children is one of the most challenging things to do on earth because of the human lives that are at stake. No one wants to be known as the bad, neglectful, irresponsible parent. We know the way that children already have no problems blaming their parents for every problem that they have in life anyway. We don't need to purposely give them any more fuel than they already have.

But seriously though, what is the proper way to conduct ouselves around our kids that will alert them to the realities of the cruelties of the world while not over-exposing them to too much negativity and teaching them the wrong way?

How long should you wait before you introduce a romantic interest to your children?

What do you do if your kids hear or catch you having sex red handed?

Should you drink or smoke around your kids? Should you ever let them take a drink or a puff?

What is the effect of moving frequently and changing schools often on your kids?

What if you're a stripper or an exotic dancer? Should your kids know about that? Why or why not?

What if you sell drugs for a living or on the side or if you're a gangster? What are the effects of your children being aware of that?

Are open displays of affection okay to display around your kids and what are the limits on that if there are any?

Can you be a recreational drug user and still raise your kids in a positive way?

How do you put out the emotional fires of your kids after a divorce or a separation?

How much information do you give to your kids before it becomes too uch information?

Let's see how it goes.