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Urban Therapy with Sun #73 Because It Makes Me Feel Pretty

  • Broadcast in Health
Urban Therapy with Sun

Urban Therapy with Sun


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I don't know a person that doesn't like to be told that they are pretty or handsome or that they are the man or the woman for that matter. Everyone likes to be told and to feel like they are appreciated. It's human nature and even animals respond to admiration in their training. How far do we go in order to get it though? How many of us stay in situations that are unhealthy in other ways just because our ego is being stroked?

How many men have shelled out thousands of dollars to a woman because she told him that he was the man in bed or that he had it going on in some way?

How many women have stayed with a man that dogged them out like crazy but paid for all her beauty salon visits, told her that no other woman like her and whatever else?

How many people have stayed on dead end jobs for years taking the promomtions and the pats on the back instead of the higher, competitive salary? The same goes for clubs and organizations and such.

Our egos are constantantly told to be kept in check but we seem to thrive so much better when our egos are able to fed and run wild. So what are we gonna do about it? In what ways have you allowed your your ego to hold you back or to propel you? Do you consider yourself to be a person that is devoid of ego or are you an egomaniac an you know it?

Shy people can be egomaniacs as well and sometimes transform once the compliments start rolling through. Have you ever witnessed someone you know change seemingly overnight from a dow-to-earth person to a sickening, conceited, ego maniac because now they got it or because everyone is telling they are the shit? That's that ego at work and it works very hard.

So let's get into this.