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Urban Therapy with Sun #Freedom of Speech vs. What You Can Say

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Urban Therapy with Sun

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Freedom of Speech is one of the many misunderstood amendments to the U.S. Constitution. So mamy people think that freedom of speech means that you can say whatever you want to anybody you want. There may be some truth to that ideal but there are consequences to saying certain things, just like there are consequences to doing things. When we think that the law is on our side without having a good understanding of how the law works we can get ourselves into a lot of trouble. Y'all know how trouble goes. We often get into it because we thought we knew what we were doing when we really didn't and then we end up trying to dig ourselves out of trouble. That's not always from a legal standloint. Our exercise of supposed freedom of speech can get us into violent situations, get us kicked out of clubs, organizations, homes etc. It can also get us fired from jobs and find us having to post bail to get out of jail.

So do we know the difference between  The 1st Amendment aka Freedom of speech and what you can actually say is? If you listen to this show you will get a much better understanding of what that is.

Here's some of the things that will be covered on the show.:

What does the 1st Amendment actually say and what does it cover?

What curse words are you able to use when talking to a police officer without fear of arrest?

What constitutes verbal abuse?

What will qualify as violating someone's civil rights?

Why don't many defense lawyers allow their clients to testify in court even if they may be innocent of a crime?

What kinds of things can you say at work that will allow them to fire you and disqualify you from collecting unemployment?

Why can't you yell out fire in a movie theater or public building?

What qualifies as incitind a riot?

What things will get you investigated by federal authorities?

Yeah, we're gonna get into all of that.