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Urban Therapy with Sun #63 Take The Crap or Be By Yourself

  • Broadcast in Lifestyle
Urban Therapy with Sun

Urban Therapy with Sun


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Take the crap or be by yourself is a situation that many are faced with but also one that many fail to acknowledge voluntarily. It's a tougher choice than it seems because most people don't want to take someone else's crap in the form of abuse, infidelity, absenteeism, irresponsibility, non-caring, apathy etc. Many people also fear being lonely especially if the loneliness has the potential to last for a long time. We may have all experienced how slow time seems to pass when we are in emotional turmoil.

We may have heard numerous stories about when we were younger and less experienced about the complexities of people's changing moods and personalities in a relationship and how we may have put up with it for any length of time because we didn't know better or because we were in love or because we feared failure or because we didn't want to start over or because were taught to stick it out no matter what or because we had kids or because we were young and dumb or because of whatever. We know how the list of reasons can go on and on and on. As we know some people go through this for a lifetime while others go through it for what may seem like a lifetime. Is it ever worth it to go through this situation? Does it eventually work itself out? What do you think?

Is being by yourself for awhile equal to loneliness for everyone? Is it always so bad to be single after the relationship smoke clears? How long does it take to get over a relationship? Can you really know if you're over one and do you have to be over one in order to move on effectively? Why is it that some people's timeline for discontinuing the b.s. is so much longer or shorter than someone else's?

Because of I.M. suggestion that I received after last week's show we will also address the issue of beginning to date again after not doing so for a long time.