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Urban Therapy with Sun #56 Built for the Guilt

  • Broadcast in Lifestyle
Urban Therapy with Sun

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How well do you deal with feelings of guilt. It's true that not all feelings of guilt are valid but that doesn't usually stop us from experiencing those feelings of guilt that nag at us.

Why is it that we sometimes feel guilty even in situations where we know that we are doing the right thing such as the case with parenting? How many parents have spoiled their children and felt terrible when they had to properly prepare their kids for the challenges of the real world? Some parents feel the guilt so badly that they can hardly follow through. Could you? Why would we even feel guilty about a such a situation?

Why do some people seem to handle guilt without seeming to have a conscience at all? Have ever known someone that does plenty of dirt and never seems to feel any remorse at all about shaking off accountability and doing even more dirt? How do they do it? Could you? Do you wish you could be more like these types of people or do you have contempt for them?

What is the part of the brain that controls guilt?

Why do we feel guilt about doing some things while not feeling any guilt at all about other things even if the situations are similar?

Are you sometimes handicapped by our guilt?

Do you specialize in making other people feel guilty in order to get your way? Do you know someone who does that? Has something like that ever worked on you?

Do you think that people have to experience feelings of guilt in order to prevent them from abusing each other?

Is guilt learned early in life? Is it reversible?

Do you think religion plays a role in promoting guilty feelings in people?

Why don't animals naturally have guilt in their makeup or do you think they do?

What is guilt anyway? We'll get into all things guilty on this show so don't miss it!!