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Urban Therapy With Sun #13 Blessings Registry

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Urban Therapy with Sun

Urban Therapy with Sun


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It's safe to say that we have all felt like we were carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders at some time or another and forgot to acknowledge the good that has been bestowed upon us until we come in contact with someone who is in a worse position than we are. Why do we do this? Is it depression, temporary or clinical? Are we spoiled to the point where we expect more frequently? Have we been promised more than we have been delivered at some point? Who can say. It seems so easy to forget how far we have come to the get to where are currently when things get tough. Who doesn't encounter bumps in the road during the journey though. probably no one, but if you don't I would say that your blessings are undeniable.

We have to pay homage to the creator. We are all blessed whether you believe in a higher being or not. Your creator can be whoever helped you to get where you wanted to be, or helped you get what you wanted. That homage can be as simple as the remembrance to say thank you, or as extreme as making someone a partner complete with financial compensation.You can equate the word blessed with lucky, gifted, fortunate, or skilled. It doesn't really matter. What matters is that we all have things that we can do better than someone else. Sometimes we use these blessings to help those who are less fortunate. Sometimes we use these blessings for our own personal gain. A blessing is a blessing and we can't calculated exactly when they will come, but when they do we are extremely grateful. And we should be.

Anyone who is healthy and visits a hospital and does not feel blessed is probably one who cannot see the forest for the trees. The same goes for those who are free who visit a local or state penitentiary. Freedom is definitely a blessing especially when you consider that most of us have committed a crime at some point that could be charged as a felony.

Register your blessings at the gate please.