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Urban Therapy with Sun #4 Adult peer prssure

  • Broadcast in Lifestyle
Urban Therapy with Sun

Urban Therapy with Sun


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This show will deal with the way adults are influenced by other adults. It happens many times right under our very noses and we hardly ever notice it. Ever notice that when a friend buys a new house or car their friends subtley make a similar purchse? When friends send their children to better schools other friends seem to follow suit. Sure, ultimately the children may benefit from this, but it doesn't change the initial provocation.

Some may confuse peer pressure with keeping up with the Jones' but if your friends encourage you to get off of drugs and clean up your life, I don't think it is the same thing is it? Nontheless, if you do it then you have succumbed to peer pressure. Just in a positive way. And many times peer pressure is positive even though the term itself usually takes on a negative connotation.

Folks who join organizations i.e.church, Masons, Eastern Stars, Elks, non-profits etc. understand how peer pressure works more than others because they accumulate more peers on a daily basis. On this show we will take a hard look at how adult peer pressure works in these circles.