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Sumatra's blog show host Loretta "LO" Green-Williams is R&D/CEO for her firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founder of Women of Concern Professionals & Strategic Conscious Networking (WOCPSCN.com), “LO” is Just tryin to help a sista out." From womanist theology to today's fashions, Sumatra Talks!!!!

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About Women's History Month Women's History Month had its origins as a national celebration in 1981 when Congress passed Pub. L. 97-28 which authorized and requested the President to proclaim the week beginning March 7, 1982 as ?Women's History Week." Throughout the next five years, Congress continued to pass joint resolutions designating a week in March as "Women's History Week." In 1987 after being petitioned by the National Women's History Project, Congress passed Pub. L. 100-9 which designated the month of March 1987 as ?Women's History Month." Between 1988 and 1994, Congress passed additional resolutions requesting and authorizing the President to proclaim March of each year as Women's History Month. Since 1995, Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama have issued a series of annual proclamations designating the month of March as ?Women's History Month.? Join us for the Month of March where great events are honored and takes place, including yours truly's birthday (March 5). Let's talk about the impact and importance of how women's participation in American construct has shaped and shall continue to shape history's future. From the Law Library of Congress' guide to the legislative history of Women's History Month. http://womenshistorymonth.gov/about.html, accessed February 19, 2015
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During the first half of the 20th century, the largest internal population shift in U.S. history took place. Starting about 1910, through the Great Migration over five million African Americans made choices and "voted with their feet" by... more

The Harlem Renaissance was not only a cultural phenomenon, in "...the early portion of the 20th century, [1]" it was also the nexus for a new form of sociopolitical frameworks. Its distinctions evolved from southern black migrantion,... more

The first waive of Caribbean immigrants took place during the Portugese and Spanish Caribbean's planotractic design that supported the growth of the British and Dutch colony's slave system. While Caribbean slavery started 150... more

Grand Gesture Screening Invitation http://t.co/PBpaWKSV7q When Dr. Woodson Carter designed "Negro History Week", in 1926, the Harlem Renaissance was well into its maturity. From West Indian sociopolitical influences such as Claude... more

"And Noone Cried For NeeNee" In 2001, he got his gun, he drew it back and then the attack, and noone cried for NeeNee. Went through her heart, it ended her start; she layed there dying, while they stood there lying, Getting their stories... more

According the Domestic Violence Statistics website, every 9 seconds in the US, a woman is assaulted or beaten, which is 9,000 victims every day. Globally, 1 in every 3 women are beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during her... more

Join me as l talk with Dr. Glen Laman, author of Jamaican Entrepreneurs and Board member of the Atlanta, GA Jamaican Chamber of Commerce, along with Co-President and Founder, Lois Reid-Hines Tropic Isle Living. Our talk will be... more

Glen Laman is the author of the highly acclaimed book, Jamaican Entrepreneurship: A review of the characteristics, traits and ideas underlying the success of some of the island's most accomplished entrepreneurs. He is a... more

The 2014 Caribbean American Movers & Shakers founder, and president of Caribbean Media Network, Michael Thomas will share the impact of Caribbean presence in current economic growth. Mistress of Ceremony ABC Miami will host... more
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