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The Sugar Freedom Show

The Sugar Freedom Show


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When you're ready to let go of sugar, or any food that troubles you, Sugar Freedom wants to help. Let's discover optimal eating together.

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Sugar Freedom was created to help you end cravings without going hungry. The Freedom 14 adds the training that helps ensure that any weight loss you experience will come from fat: not muscle. This helps people who want to... more

Catherine Best Gordon ACE-CPT introduces the Freedom 14: a system to eliminate your sugar cravings and establish your fitness training program in 14 days. The program is short in order to encourage adherence and compliance.... more

Catherine Best Gordon, the author of Sugar Freedom at sugarfreedom.com shares her strategies for recovery from Binge Eating Disorder. In this episode, she shares the Book of the Week, Recipe of the Week, and Training Plan of the... more

The Spring Training Challenge has begun, and Catherine Best Gordon, ACE-CPT shares the simple breakdown of her nutrition plan and the seven lifts she uses to be sure that her clients are using fat for fuel, not muscle. She describes... more

Catherine's Training Challenge combines Sugar Freedom, fitness, mindset, and support to help you commit to your healthy fitness and nutrition goals. Starting March 20th, we will commit to positive thinking, training, and eating. E-mail... more

As I begin 2018 the most important question I can ask myself as a Certified Personal Trainer is, "How can I help my clients today?" If I was starting my fitness journey, what would I want to know? I have created this list of Ten Things I... more

I have been following a Ketogenic Low Carb Diet ever since 2008, so I have celebrated many holidays, birthdays, and special occaisions while keeping Keto. Today, I share some of my tips for keeping the benefits of the KLCD (Ketogenic... more

Catherinetraing.com: Unconventional Training and Nutrition for guaranteed results. Catherine Gordon ACE-CPT shares the food, fitness, and mindset for physical transformation. Her next tranformation challenge begins on October 10th and... more

These are the three best pieces of advice I have received. They helped me achieve years of recovery from overweight and obesity. I hope they help you too. Sugar Freedom is a lifestyle, and it takes support to stay off of sugar, grains,... more

Catherine shines a light on weight loss marketing, and she shares what truly works for her, and for her clients and readers. Nutrition, training, recovery, and compliance are the keys to significant, permanent weight loss and body... more