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The Sugar Freedom Show

The Sugar Freedom Show


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When you're ready to let go of sugar, or any food that troubles you, Sugar Freedom wants to help. Let's discover optimal eating together.

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The ultimate, permanent weight loss secret is this: You must find a plan that allows you to get nourished and satisfied within a reasonable energy deficit. Then you must follow that plan to completion, and return to it if you begin to re-gain.... more

Do you need new ideas and motivation for reaching your health and fitness goals? Catherine brings you insights from Limerick, Ireland with fitness trainer and gym owner Andrew Beattty. Find out what's working now in fitness for busy... more

Catherine interviews Coach Jody Petronella about his major fat loss victory, his Primal/Paleo lifestyle, and his strategies for helping his clients reach their goals. If you have been holding yourself back on achieving your goals, today's episode... more

It's Monday, and it's also a holiday in the U.S., and that's got me musing about bodyweight and career success. What is a successful weight? Tooo often it has very little to do with health. Even worse, weight discrimination starts with being... more

On the Sugar Freedom diet, it usually takes three days of eating less than 30 grams of total carbs to get into fat burning mode. Once you do, appetite drops and energy surges, but what then? Catherine anwers your questions to keep fat... more

Do you want to lose weight and get in great shape? Why? A transformation program is more effective when your reason for changing your eating and training habits is in alignment with your life purpose. After leading hundred of in-person... more

Catherine Gordon CPT takes you through the first three days off of sugar, grains, and processed oils. She gives you strategies for staying on track so that you can reap the rewards of a sugar free lifestyle. Important tools are Braggs... more

Do you wonder what it's like to navigate through a typical day without sugar, grains, and processed vegetable oils? Listen in to find out how simple it can be. With Catherine Gordon ACE-CPT author of Sugar Freedom at sugafreedom.com

This podcast delivers staightforward instructions for getting sugar and grains out of your diet without disrupting your life. In fact, within three days on average, you will feel and extraordinary surge of energy, and a new sense of peace around... more

Catherine Gordon's clients at Gordon Studio Fitness http://gordonstudiosonora.com in Sonora, CA have lost over 1,100 pounds and inches in 2015. This is quite an achievement for the 31 individual... more