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SuckMyTake with Hosts: GrenadeSalad & Backhand Bobby Fischer

  • Broadcast in Comedy



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I hope your easily offended, that would make our day, you worthless c0cksucker; Nothing makes The show's hosts Travis (GrenadeSalad) and Greg (Backhand Bobby Fischer) happier than when nothing just a f^cking jokes gets some dewsh all pissy and upset. F^ck You. And F^ck blogtalkradio for censoring our own G0d d@mn bios.

We'll talk about the plethora of topics that interest us, booze, music, sex, sports, entertainment (including strippers) the infinite number of dumbf^cks we encounter every day and sometimes Backhand Bobby slips in politics, much to Travis' chagrin.


****CALL IN F^CKERS!!****


Our mission is to bring unfiltered, real, probably booze-convoluted, Takes about whatever the f^ck we want, and that you want. Just make sure what you got to say isn't wack sh!t or we will cuss your @ss out and hang up on you while we laugh. <---- We LOVE those people, PLEASE call in if your f^cking Ret*rded.